Let’s be better, together!~

Hi guys! I bet you’ve been in blogs other than this before. I must admit, it’s a bit late and I’m outdated in things but just like what that famous quote said by that famous person- it’s never too late to do what you love and do it with someone you love. 

For a person who’s scared of criticisms, this is one big step in conquering it. And one reason this blog exist is that, I often, (by often, I meant all the time) forget events. Special things that needs to be recorded or at least remembered in my lifetime.

My life is as unique as everyone else’s. It’s not as grand but it’s full of food and everything universe has to offer. Oh and did I said food? I wanted to share those insights and who knows? You might get an idea where to eat next! I’m always open to suggestions where to eat – with great emphasis to steaks and strawberries. :3

This blog is created to appreciate everything and anything. Nothing here is posted to brag on what I have but to be thankful in things that were lended to us in this life.

Just a heads up, I have this knack of posting interior design of the restaurants too! You would also expect several posts about my dog, what I’m reading, movies and series that i watched so far and spoilers! I also play random games so, it might pop up on one of my posts. Random stuff. Teehee~

I hope you enjoy what you see here and feel free to express your thoughts!


Always hungry,

Ish’clair ♥


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