Hanamaruken: Happiness in a bowl

Noodles did not excite my palate and is not a first option before I tried Ramen. Now, it’s considered a craving and something that raises those happy hormones when needed.

I haven’t been to Japan to say that I know how a legit ramen taste like but a certain ramen house raised it’s standard that the rest tastes bland in comparison. I even lost hope of actually finding a better or even in par with it until this restaurant proved me wrong.

For someone who loves pork – this is your Ramen haven.

“Hanamaruken Ramen was founded by Takaku Arakawa in 1982. It is subsidiary of the Arakawa Pork Company, a reputable supplier of meat in Osaka, Japan.

Arakawa drew inspiration from his family background in butchery to create a distinct marriage between meat and ramen. Our expertise in preparing pork is our secret to producing an unforgettable rame experience.”

This is a verbatim I copied from their paper place mat which made me eat their words for it. lol.

Now on to the mouth watering part! I now present to you, Hanamaruken’s Signature Happiness Ramen.


Signature Happiness Ramen

My initial reaction was… ‘oh no, not again’. I thought I’m going to be disappointed because the broth is not that thick and rich as I wanted it to be. It’s tonkutsu and shoyu based, more inclined on the latter. The answer why broth’s not as rich lies on their meat. With the generous piece of braised pork ribs, you’ve got a lot of flavors and umami that’s going to fill you up. To be honest, I didn’t manage to finish the ramen all by myself, though my friend said it would qualify as something that’s good for 2 persons or maybe we’re not that of a heavy eater anymore. (Signs of aging maybe? Or binging guilt.lol) Good news is, they do allow take outs. But there is a reason why it’s not allowed in some ramen house you know. But between losing the quality of the noodles over trying to put it all down in one sitting, I decided I want to eat it without coercion. XD

Tamago is an additional btw, I just want it floating with the cute naruto in my ramen. Based on my experience, those Ramen that doesn’t serve tamago with it, turns out to be the ones that are must-try. Or I’m just imagining things. lol.

If you’re into something spicy, you might get a little bit disappointed. They do have chili oil on the side if you’d like a little kick but I think cayenne pepper would be better. (As absurd as it sounds, we actually bring our own cayenne pepper everywhere XD). I heard they do have a ramen for those who wanted a little bit of a kick. I think I’ll try that next and keep you guys posted! We also ordered gyoza, which I failed to take a picture of since… well it’s gyoza, nothing so special about it aside from the order having 8 pieces! Score!


Drunkman Bowl of Rice

My partner in crime ordered Drunkman Bowl of Rice. It has 2 eggs, chunks of braised pork and lots of chili. Should I repeat that how they cook their meat is heavenly? It literally melts in your mouth with all of the flavors hugging you all at the same time. Words aren’t enough to describe them. You should try them out sometimes!


Cages and Keys

Interior design on the place is a plus. We loved the cage and keys that we actually want those in our place in the future. Maybe I’ll have Jiro take it like how Ted took the blue french horn for Robin in HIMYM? Also, if you’re a bit sensitive in lights, you might wanna skip the farthest left side of the area. It’s a bit directed to you like your in an interogation room. lol. Funny thing though, we asked if it can be redirected and the friendly crew answered without hesitation that they can’t. I bet that’s not the first time it was asked. XD


More lights!

Customer service is great btw. A crew would be assigned in each area to make sure they would be there to assist you if needed. Hanamaruken has a branch in Trinoma Mall > Second Floor, North Triangle. They open from 11AM – 9PM.

I apologize if I can only show you few of what the restaurant has to offer. I only have one partner that has half of my appetite since we’re both trying to be fit while divulging ourselves with our cravings. Two opposing factor that we’re trying to make it work. I would make sure to go back and try the other items they are offering while trying hard to resist picking ‘happiness’. That’s all for now. Teehee~


Always hungry,

Ish’clair ♥


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