Happy Valensteak day!♡

I won’t deny the fact that I once dream of being given flowers during Valentines day or any special day so I can feel special too. But as I go places, (got a bit older) I realized that flowers are best viewed rooted.

How I celebrated Valentines? — with a sumptuous meal with my favorite person. We were supposed to have a different plan that went badly wrong few days before but in the end, you’ll remember who’s beside you that special day, not how expensive the gifts are or how special the food were.

So before I even forget, we had our Vday dinner at Chop House , Trinoma. You should have an idea what will take place here.


Crispy Bread and Butter to keep you calm while waiting. XD

We were first served with bread and butter. Orders would take around 15 to 20 mins tops. This place is also kid friendly! I’d say too friendly. They offer high chair and crayons that kids can draw with while waiting for their food. They also have a free bull plushie in their kiddie meal. (I should’ve ordered that meal since the plushie was soooo cute!)  I was envious since they didn’t offer us crayons. Justice, where are you? And my artist love didn’t bring his own art stuff, which he did regret. He usually does artworks in restaurant’s napkins while waiting for our food or out receipt. I’ll show you those in one of my blog post soon. On to the food, shall we? 🙂


Buffalo Wings

Behold, our appetizer, the Buffalo wings. Spiciness was just right – this may bore you but nothing in our menu, unfortunately, jumps out of the ordinary. But I still, I am grateful for the food that were served. Came in with garlic mayo dip, mixed veggies and carrot and celery garnish.


Grilled Chicken Quesadilla

They served grilled Chicken Quesadillas with the same dip and veggies with additional salsa to complete your quesadilla experience.


U.S. Rib Eye Angus Beef Steak

Everyday for me can be steak day! This is one of their best sellers, U.S. Rib Eye Angus Steak. They have varieties of side dish and different kinds of sauce that you can choose from. I’m a mashed-potato person when it comes to steaks, as opposed to some who prefer rice with it. I tried their red wine gravy. They also have mushroom gravy, which I did not choose because of the fear that it may taste like the gravy burger steaks usually have, they also have barbecue and the likes. I like my steak medium rare and they got it perfectly. The only downside in a medium rare steak? It cools down faster than Barry Allen. I’m exaggerating of course. I just miss watching the flash. XD

Strawberries are my nemesis, since it’s almost always needed to be ordered if it’s available. So, I ordered their Strawberry Milkshake. And it lived up to my expectation that it’s ordinary so I have to steal my partner’s house blend iced tea just to make amends with my palate.

I’ve tasted several steaks and I’m planning on posting some recommendations soon. I wanted to keep it to myself but they’re too good to be deprived of recognition. So stay tuned!

This is how simple my Vday went. It’s like any other day in my life since he came because every day with my love, is special that Valentines seem so ordinary. (I’m supposed to end it cheesy you know. haha!) How did yours go? ❤

P.S. Featured image’s bouquet of flowers were given months before Valentines — two at the same time and so to my defense, I am not bitter. XD


Always hungry,

♡ ish’clair


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