Geronimo’s Cafe and Restaurant

There’s a place in Mindanao Avenue that looks like a secret garden luring you in for a fresh treat.

Every time we pass by the place, we always promise ourselves to try it sometime. At last that time came last Sunday before work.

The place is called Geronimo’s Cafe and Restaurant, it was after we ate that we’ve found out that it was the restaurant owned by Sarah Geronimo‘s family (thus the name and we didn’t have a clue). Before you go on and try the place, you might wanna bring some friends along since their food servings are mostly for 3-4 persons.



Tables outside the restaurant

When we entered the place, it reminded me of cafes in Baguio (minus the cold weather) and so does their meal after we ate.


They sell everything organic!

They also have a mini store that you can buy organic stuff. I would’ve peeked more if I’m not that hungry but it was a bit late so we went inside as soon as we arrived.

If the decors outside’s already overwhelming, wait until you see what’s happening inside. I’ve read that they are the owner’s collection from places they’ve been. Before I even read about it, I had a hunch that this was a residential place at first. We actually want something like this in the future. A restaurant just outside your door – literally.


Sweets Corner


Salad and Beverage Bar

They have a separate place for sweets, salad and beverage counter.



I specifically love the cover of their menu. It has Egyptian design embossed on it. Way cool and heavy for a menu. And speaking of which, they offer a wide range of food (vegetables, sea food, beef, pork, chicken, name it!)

As I said in my previous About Me post, I have this weakness to steak and strawberries so that’s what I’ve ordered. I wanted to try their Thai shrimp but I have skin allergy that time so I need to avoid seafood, for now.


T-Bone Steak (₱495)

Everything they offer here is organic and apparently prepared the healthier way possible. I think their steak is boiled then rubbed with herbs. Along with it is a generous amount of sauteed vegetables (inclined to the chopseuy flavor). Their gravy is sweet, I’m guessing they used honey in it. There’s chopped basil and butter garnish on the side too.


Sweet Potato Fries (₱175)


Calamari (₱215)

My partner is a fan of appetizers so he ordered sweet potato fries and Calamari. I was hoping he would order the Thai Shrimp instead but I guess my lover’s telepathy’s off that night. :p


Fried Rice (₱75)

The crew also asked us if we want rice along with our order since the steak only have veggies in it and they don’t offer mashed potato. We actually argued about this and he said we’ll just share if it’s too much. To our surprise, it really is for sharing! Lesson learned: Never Assume, Ask. Or else you’ll be given more than you can gulp for. XD

They also offer Strawberry shake (₱175) and it’s available! I was stoked! Most of the time, strawberries on the menu are out of stock or not in season so it’s just there for decorations. XD When I tasted it, it was… weird for me. It didn’t taste strawberry-ish at all, but i did see the seeds so it’s there. I know it is. Maybe it’s because of the malt, but I’m not sure. I failed to ask the crew because I was so heartbroken. They also use honey as their sweetener. My partner ordered Choco Banana Malt (₱195) that has the same taste so I’m thinking my shake also have malt in it. And btw, they do have 10% service charge.


Leftover Tweaking~

Since we’re just two, we had the leftovers for take out and tweak it a bit myself. I cut the steak into strips, fried it on its own oil and dashed it with cayenne pepper. Did the same with the veggies using the oil from the steak and then used the same pan to heat the rice and voila~

We didn’t have the chance to taste their specialty but I would like to go back with more back up so we can chow down all the food we’ll order since their serving is mostly for a group.

What I love the most in this place is its ambiance. It felt like home and made me remember my childhood at the province. It’s indeed a secret garden in the city.

P.S. Sorry for the dark photos, we dropped by in the evening thus the darkness. :S


Always Hungry,

♡ ish’clair


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