Mendokoro Ramenba : Top Quality Express Ramen

Nothing beats good food with good ol’ friends on a Friday night! ❤

My once a month craving for Ramen attacked yesterday and I’ve got three victims. So if your name is Kim or Apol, please don’t proceed on reading this blog. Haha~ This means more variety of food to write about (hopefully) or I can coerce them in ordering different items on the menu.

This would be my second ramen entry for my blog. We decided to try a famous Ramen house in Makati – Mendokoro Ramenba. It’s located at V. Corporate Center, Soliman Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City. If you’re near the area, you need to dine there at least once.


Restaurant entrance with people waiting for them to be served.

You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a queue since the place is smaller than your average restaurant and i think it can only accommodate more or less 20 people at a time. But don’t get discouraged because it totally is worth the wait. We got there around 9pm and there’s still several people waiting in line. They’re open from 11am – 11pm daily.

Before you even get a seat – I said seat because there’s no tables but one big counter surrounding the kitchen – you need to order and pay at their cashier. Similar to Japan’s ramen house but is being operated by a crew instead of a vendo machine.


Chefs preparing your food.~

Once seated, they would ask for your receipt (so don’t lose them or eat them just because you’re already hungry) then that’s the only time they would prepare your ramen. It would take around 10-15 minutes but you wouldn’t really notice it since you’re gonna be busy watching them prepare your food. I was waiting for someone to yell and say “yes chef” but then I remember that’s not Japanese. XD Regardless, it is entertaining to see how they make your food.

There were only few items to choose from Shio, Shoyu, Tantanmen, and Miso in the Tonkatsu Ramen section. They also offer cold noodles. You can order additional Chashu (which consist of three pieces of pork belly), Aji Tamago, Gyoza (by three or by five). Check out the full menu and prices here.


Tantanmen Ramen (₱440)

I was brave enough to try their Tantanmen. I usually order Shio ramen since I like the subtle taste of rich pork broth but their Tantamen exceeded my expectations. It’s like a combination of rich pork broth and peanut-ty flavor with a hint of spicyness at the end. You don’t need to worry since I think the spicyness is just around level 1. Just enough for you to notice it but not that much to make you finish their pitcher of water. Their noodles have it’s unique charm. They use thick noodles that’s cooked perfectly to match the broth – soft at first bite but has it’s firmness at the end. Tantanmen is then paired with ground pork that is a bit on the sweet side that compliments the ramen’s spicyness. It’s also topped with two leaves of chinese cabbage. If you’re in need of more meat, i suggest gyoza over additional chashu with Tantanmen.


Every seat has it’s own set of condiments! No sharing! hihi~

If you’re a spice lover, they have chili powder or chili oil available if you want to increase the S game.


Shio Ramen (₱360)

Shio Ramen has a basic pork broth topped with their grilled chashu (pork belly), sesame seeds, bamboo shoots, mushroom, and spring onions. I’m not sure of the exact recipe of course. This is one of my favorite type of ramen. I’ve tried a spoonful of it through my good friend Kim’s help *evil laugh* and I will surely order this on my next visit. I love how their chashu looks with those grill marks but don’t be fooled because it’s tenderly cooked that you won’t have a problem cutting it with your chopsticks. They do offer additional three chashu but unless you’re a pork lover, one would be enough.


Shoyu Ramen (₱390)

Shoyu Ramen almost has the same composition with shio except for it being soy based so if you like your Ramen to be a bit salty, this one’s for you. Unfortunately, no one ordered Miso Ramen so I can’t describe it here. I’ll have my partner order it next time we stop by but based on other people’s review, it should not be missed as well.


Aji Tamago (₱90)

Oh, and btw, Aji Tamago – perfectly soft boiled egg marinated in a sweet and salty soy based sauce – is an additional if you want one. You might want to order one to complete your ramen experience.


Gyoza by three (₱100)

If you have read my previous post, you know side dishes are essential. In this case, it’s their Gyoza. Their gyoza is on the top of my list because it’s perfectly prepared. The size is just right, moist and crisp at the same time. We ordered by three first just to find ourselves ordering another set, by five this time.

I’m not sure if they allow take-outs since everything’s too good and the serving’s just right for leftovers. They also made sure that we are well attended, from the time we were in line up until we leave the place. Food will definitely be served hot and fulfilling. This sure is worth our 2-hour drive.

Next stop might be around south but if you have suggestions where we can actually find a belly-worth Ramen house, please feel free to comment below and we’ll try it on my next ramen craving. We’re open to suggestions and hopefully this review helped you too! Till next chow!~


Always hungry,

♡ ish’clair


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