Steak Diaries: Ahlee’s Grill

Contrary to what other people say, good meat doesn’t have to be that pricey. Though I would not argue the fact that high grade meat will definitely cost a fortune, I found a place that you can actually eat a decent steak without hurting your pocket too much.

For some time now, Maginhawa Street in Quezon City made a buzz about their food hub – which includes several steak house that you can actually choose from!


View from Ahlee’s Rooftop

First time we went to this place to eat, we don’t have any idea where to go and what to expect. Although there were reviews about the place, a little adventure helps. (or maybe I’m just lazy?) We stumbled into 150 Place. It’s an area with several food stalls that you can choose from that offers different delicacies. From Chinese to Mexican, and from appetizers to dessert. The place is relatively new since some of the stalls are still under construction.


Ahlee’s and The Piggery

Ahlee’s, looks like a brick alley way that would make you curious. They have their creative way of naming their menu too. Tip for shy guys – you can indirectly confess your love with their lamb steak as it’s named as ‘I Lamb Ü’. Maybe she’ll reply, i want ‘I Lamb Ü’ too. It’s an age of pun after all.


I Lamb U ❤

Pun aside, meet the culprit. What I love about them, they would ask you how you like your steak- rare, medium rare, done, well done. I think it’s essential. I always want my steak to be in between medium and medium rare. In between of in betweens, I know. That’s why I’m a bit hard to satisfy when it comes to steak.


Ahlee’s Menu (Refer here for prices)

It comes with garlicky potato marbles or you can choose from their list of side dishes. I’m not really a fan of steak and rice combo. It’s too heavy for me. Aside from the potatoes, they have plain rice, dirty rice (owner said they used their Salpicao sauce with the rice), garlicky mushroom, tangy mango salsa, pickled mango and pita.

What I love about their steak is the subtlety of the spice that they used in the meat itself. It’s just right so you can still appreciate the natural taste of the meat without just tasting the herbs that they rub it with. Same goes with their gravy. It’s not your instant or fast food gravy. You know it’s their own recipe.

A plus would be the garlicky potatoes, I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s actually the perfect way of preparing those babies – the garlicky taste does not hurt your tongue but excites it and compliments the overall dish. As my friend say, flavors are bursting in different sides of your tongue. This may not be a big deal for some but how enjoyable a dish is, believe it or not, depends a great part on those side dishes.


This is Mr. Porterhouse btw, and he’s big and yummy and all in my belly. Upgrading to XL isn’t that of a difference in price, so don’t be shy it’s worth it. XD


Around April, they started offering Prime Rib, this is in their regular size. Just imagine how big their Large size Prime Rib is. I’m so full that I needed to take the rest of it home. You can choose between their regular garlic gravy or their new red wine reduction sauce.


Baabaa~ Shaun the Sheep~

Steaks aside, they also offer lamb skewers. It supposed to have a tortilla partner but it’s out of commission (sold out, in other words) when we went there. They also have shrimp skewers and grilled tuna, which we have yet to indulge ourselves.

They have House Blend Iced Tea, Pepsi products and Kettle Beer to push these all down.


Just look for these friendly faces, always ready to serve us~

In the end we have our own version of how we like our steak. Some people want it with overflowing gravy or one with overwhelming spices – in the end, it’s really up to your palate. But if you’re up for it, I suggest you try Ahlee’s steak and tell me what you think. Lately, it’s been my favorite meat stop. 🙂

I know this blog’s been jumping from steak to ramen. I will try to fight the urge to order them next time we go out to eat so I can write other things here as well. Till next chow!~


Always Hungry,

♡ ish’clair


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