Dohtonbori : Do it your own Okonomiyaki~

Boo for breaking my monthly goal which is to write at least once a week. I’ve actually had this draft since January but opted to wait so I can add more to what I can recommend you guys. But basically if you read some of my posts you would know that I have this impulsive way of ordering the same food over and over once I learned to love it until I finally harassed my taste buds on stopping. So, I miserably failed on trying more of what they can offer. So I need buddies that will go with me, that’s willing to spend of course, and eat with me but order a different meal. XD

If I haven’t emphasized it yet, my palate and stomach are gastronomically inclined to Japanese so far. So let me share one of my favorite place to eat if I’m craving for something besides steak and ramen.


Dohtonbori Entrance with special participation of Karnxjiro. 

Dohtonbori just opened their branch in SM North Edsa and it’s gaining the attention it deserves. It almost always have a full house but it’s definitely going to be worth your waiting time. Plan on going here before hand if you want to try their cook-it-yourself dishes and not if you’re already starving since most of the food needs more or less 20 minutes for cooking time. But they also have prepared meals if you’re really hungry, just make sure to leave some space for the main event!

We first went there last January 26 to try their Okonomiyaki. Even before they open, my partner keeps on telling me that I need to try Okonomiyaki since I like Japanese food.



See that adorable racoon? He’s judging you. loljk. He’s there to welcome you and lure you with his eyes. Let me take you home~~


Do you feel like you’re in Japan now? I like how they extended an extra mile making the interiors look like the real ones. Trust me I know, I watch anime. hahah. Poor reference aside this is what you would see outside.


I’m not sure if they are selling these or not. I didn’t ask because I might be tempted to use my food money on them.


Food Representation and their prices

Some of their best sellers and how they would relatively look like if you cooked it right. *evil smile*


Sleeping Nekochan

I know this cat is fake but got scared when I saw it breath – well, its tummy’s moving so… still cute.


Can you guess all of them?

Masks and festival things! Someday Japan, someday.


Doraemon’s hiding here somewhere…

They have an open kitchen if you want to snoop around but I highly discourage it since you’ll just get in their way. XD


Please don’t take them home. XD

Condiments! One of those on top is oil that you need when you’re going to cook and I forgot the others aside from the soy sauce, since I didn’t have the chance to use them. And you read it right most of the food that they offer are cook-it-yourself or you can have them cook for you, but where’s the fun in that?


No shoes section. Ooops!

There are different sections on where you can eat. You can request where you want to be seated. The teppan’s hot so be very careful not to touch it, remember, you’re an adult now. Don’t go touching stuff.

Alright after all those food for the eyes, let’s head on to real food.


Dohtonbori’s Menu

Apparently, Okonomiyaki has already been present in Japan for over 500 years; dating as far back to the Edo period. (Hooray for me since I’m becoming more and more human!) Currently, Okonomiyaki is one of the most popular staple food for Japanese especially in Osaka. (says the menu). From the word itself, “Okonomi” which means “what you want” and “Yaki” which means “cooking“. It’s basically cooking what you want. Brilliant naming. 😀


First ever Okonomiyaki~

We’ve tried several Okonomiyaki namely Deluxe Okonomiyaki (₱360; Beef + Chicken + Pork + Scallop + Squid + Octopus sure is deluxe), Spicy Kalbi BBQ (₱330 Beef that’s not spicy enough to be called spicy imo), and 3 Meat Okonomiyaki (₱330 Beef + Pork + Chicken heaven). I didn’t take separate pictures of them because it’s futile. They would look the same when cooked – unless you want to see the ingredients. Anyway, we tried those in separate visits so that’s 3 in three months. We go here atleast once a month that one of the crew actually said welcome back to us. I guess you don’t see a pink-haired girl that often. XD

I initially planned on posting a gif showing how it’s cooked but I think step by step on how to do your own Okonomiyaki would be better. (Video? Are you kidding? Do you want to see and hear me get mad and panic? I don’t think so. Those who knows me personally know that I’m a bit Chef Ramsay-ey when it comes to cooking so, nope. At least not yet.)

So, it should look more like this


Taken from the menu, pathetic I know. 😦

than like this…


Mixed it up a bit before taking a picture of it. You know that time you’re so excited, you forgot you need to blog this? Yep, this happened.

Just keep mixing… just keep mixing~ till you’re hands are numb and you’re so hungry you want to eat it raw, then you’re done. Kidding, just mix it till you know no matter what part of the cut you’ll get you will have that meat. XD


Mix it well!

Slowly pour it on the teppan and make sure you even it out and create a circle or a square or a triangle. Whatever you want dude, it’s your food. You paid for it. Cook for 5 minutes on that side and don’t flap or press it, that’s overkill.




Getting it ready for flipping…

Now, pray to the god of food and flip it. Just imagine you’re in a cooking show. Just don’t scream. No matter what happens. Cook it for 5 minutes then flip again then cook it for 5 mins. 15 mins in total.


Way to go love!

Last flip and I know you’re getting the hang of this. See that big black jar with a brush? Grab it and spread generously on your Okonomiyaki. Put mayonnaise as desired or draw your partner’s pigface, again, your choice. Sprinkle with Ao Nori and Bonito powder – don’t be shy, they’re delicious. Then voila~ after that much time, just cut it evenly and eat. Don’t cheat and get all the meat. 😉



We’ve tried Monjayaki too but miserably failed so no picture for you guys. hahahaha~

I’ve also tried their ramen but I’ve had better. I don’t blame them since this isn’t really their specialty.


Ramen Tonkotsu

They also have steak but got scared that it won’t really have that much impact and it costs more than 500 bucks so I passed. I will come back and I will eat you! 

Tried their Kalbi Yakiniku (₱280 Kalbi beef) and their Pork Yakiniku (₱180 with butter) and was not disappointed. I think it’s actually too flavorful that you need to eat rice with it. Yuuum~


Pork Yakiniku (made sure that both sides are soaked in sauce)


Be careful, the oil tends to rampage so cook it as far from you as possible. XD

Last would be another favorite from them, their Quattro Formaggi Teppan Pizza (Two hundred For-cheese-ty pesos with caramel sauce). So cheesy I can still taste it while I’m typing. Oh no, now I’m craving for it.

It comes with two bowl, one for the crust then for the toppings.


Again, make a decent round pizza crust. Cook for 2 minutes.


Spread the toppings evenly. (This is a bit challenging in my part) Then cover with the stainless cover and cook for 6-7 minutes. No photo of the cover again. Don’t you dare peek!


Uncover and cook for another 3 minutes!


Drizzle the sizzle with caramel sauce then cut evenly. Yum! It’s a bit more on the pancakey side than pizza for me, maybe because of the caramel sauce.


Trust me when I say, it melts in your mouth. 

They also offer variety of drinks — alcoholic and non-alcoholics. I tried their Strawberry Chu-high. It’s alcoholic but not that strong, 8% or 9% I think? You can take this on! They also have other flavors of the chu-high, sake, and ice cold beer to serve.


Strawberry Chu-high

They also have Yakisoba, Gyu-don, Hiroshimayaki and even desserts, and salad. I’ve got a lot more food to try and to share you guys. Oh and they have kiddie meals too that they can try to cook themselves — with your supervision of course. If you want the full menu, you can check it here.

You just have to try this place. This is a great way to hangout with your friends and family. Good food, ambiance, customer service and most of all, FUN! 😀

Whooo~ That was long, but still not enough. Hoping for the part two of this post. For now, enjoy your Okonomiyaki.


Always Hungry,

♡ ish’clair


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