Isdaan : 65 Minutes in Thailand

Just like how news headlines are misleading nowadays, let me tell you right now, this post isn’t in Thailand – you’ll know very soon why. XD

As a natural born Filipino, shame that this is actually my first post about Filipino Cuisine. Indeed, there are so much more to discover in those 7,500 islands.

Early this April, my friends and I went to a road beach trip to Dasol, Pangasinan. We were only there for the weekend and I don’t really suggest such short trip since the travel time is more or less 6 hours from Manila without traffic (consider yourself lucky if it’s less). But yeah, anything for nature, beach and bonding. We had our food prepared for the trip so I don’t have anything for you guys from Pangasinan, except for their Tupig which you should really try when you go there.

Luckily, on our way home, we had a very late lunch at Isdaan located at Gerona, Tarlac. This place is huge and can be mistaken as a resort instead of a restaurant.


Due to time constraint (avoiding Manila Traffic + Hunger + scorching afternoon heat) I didn’t manage to take that much photo of the place, so let’s head on to the juicy bits shall we?

Since we’re also budgetarians in this trip, we ordered 3 kinds of food that was sufficient enough for all 10 of us that cost us roughly around ₱300 each. Also, I suggest you eat here in group if you want to try most of the food and save as much as you can.

Only downside of this place is waiting time. Communications between the servers are off that it took more than 30 minutes for our food to be served and another 30 minutes for the bill and they sure take longer time refilling our water. I guess the place is that big and they don’t have enough people manning each station to make sure everyone’s taken care of. So, that much said, they gave us our first meal which was…


Ripe Indian Mango with Bagoong

This is a complimentary, which almost always connotes that you need to wait for your orders. I’m not really sure giving us ripe indian mango is a great idea, but it’s free so, why complain?


Magic show. No photos of the extreme performance because our jaws dropped literally.

They also have performers to entertain you while you’re eating. Magic shows, dance and song numbers and even extreme I’ve-Only-Seen-Them-on-TV performances. I meant a man eating blades, peeling coconut with bare teeth and hammering screwdrivers in their nose. Now that should really increase your appetite.XD P.S. please give them tips, aside from battling the heat with their costumes, I bet what their getting isn’t enough with what they’re doing. Share your blessings, a little goes a long way.


Chicken Lechon Tinupig

After that eye-opening performance, they served our Chicken Lechon Tinupig which is chicken marinated in coconut milk, wrapped within banana leaves and then grilled. Best grilled chicken I’ve tasted so far! Though it’s a bit pricey at ₱498, it’s a whole chicken and can feed around 4-5 persons. Taste and quantity wise, it’s not bad for that price. It’s grilled but the tenderness and the juice remains intact and the fact that it’s wrapped in banana leaves while being grilled gives it a different aroma and charred taste.


Crispy Fried Lapu- Lapu

We also had Hot, Fried and Crispy Lapu-Lapu ₱509 and Laing ₱314.


Laing, a proof that you shouldn’t judge food on how it looks. lol

Laing is a spicy dish that is Coconut milk or cream based with dried taro leaves, which normally, I won’t even have the courage to order this since it’s a bit tricky to order anything with coconut milk when you’re travelling and that I’m not fond of food that has ginger. Most of the Laing dishes that I encountered so far has generous amount of ginger, an overkill in my opinion. But I think Isdaan already mastered the art of cooking with coconut milk.


Served still in the bamboo stem


Sinigang sa Buho being transfered to our bowl~


Sinigang na Baboy sa Buho

Last on our course is Sinigang na Baboy sa Buho, which is pork and vegetable in tamarind broth cooked inside a bamboo stem. Whoo, that’s harder to translate than it looks. XD It was sent to us, still inside the bamboo stem and they then transfer it to the bowl. It was again, seasoned just right – not too sour or salty. The only disappointment in this dish was, it wasn’t as hot as a soup should be. That being said, it became cold that easy.


See size comparison with a regular drinking glass

Here’s where it gets fishy (pun intended). Their Bagong Saing sa Kaldero – newly cooked rice in kaldero- costs ₱138 and a regular cup of rice costs ₱65. Nothing’s special about this rice since it’s just plain white rice. Even fastfood chains, which I find extra rice expensive, was overthrown by their pricing. You don’t have a choice though since our food choices require rice for optimum food experience.

So, where’s Thailand you say? If you noticed, contrary to my previous posts, I featured our food first before the place itself, the reason behind it is that, there is a piece of Thailand in the area. This is how it looks but there are still several parts of the place I didn’t give justice. I suggest you experience it yourselves.


Resort  Restaurant Entrance


Parking Space


This is how you get to your respective huts. Be careful not to slip since it’s floating in water.


Someone give this guy a kiss! XD


He’s hiding somewhere…


Koi pond, their koi’s are camera shy. loljk.


Credits to my 65 friends, without you guys, this would not be possible. Cheers for more foodtrips!


The gang. This is what your Hut/Cottage looks like. I’m here! Find me!!



See? 65 in Thailand Tarlac

Sorry for posting this late. I’ve been busy with lots of things, got crazy about skin care and is playing an RPG game remake in android. I know I’ve left this blog hanging for quite some time but will be posting my first travel blog soon! Hope you guys stay tuned and keep on reading!

If you have suggestions on what restaurant you want me to try next, don’t hesitate to comment below. 🙂 I’m also thinking if I should post about the events I’m attending recently or not, since it might be out of context, should I? :S

That would be it for this post. Till our next chow! Remember to put on sunscreen, keep hydrated and eat well~


Always Hungry,

♡ ish’clair


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