ChasingStrawberries // Café Shibuya’s Strawberry Smoothie~

I FOUND IT. I definitely did!😍

After being holed up in my virtual gaming world, for almost 5 months of not writing and just being at home, I’m back! That was a looong hiatus and I’ve got tons of things to share you guys but let me start with what this blog’s named after- ChasingStrawberries. 

Living in a tropical country, strawberries aren’t an easy find, unless you live in cold areas like Baguio. It can range from 200 – 500 for 100g depending on what month you want to get it. That is, if you want to eat fresh strawberries.Who doesn’t?!

With that saying, most of the shakes or fruit drinks available here in strawberry flavor are either made of syrup, jams, or artificial flavoring which does not justify the fruit at all. But not this…

🍓 Café Shibuya’s Strawberry Milkshake (₱145) 🍓

It’s nearly par in comparison to Café Sabel‘s, in BenCab Museum Baguio, strawberry shake that you know uses the freshest hand-picked strawberries. It does use strawberry syrup only to enhance the smoothie’s sweetness and not to over power it. One sip and it brings you back to the Summer Capital of the Philippines. And the good part is it’s easily accessible to those in the Metro. 

Café Shibuya’s Cozy Interior~

Finding this place must be fate. lol. It just so happen that we wanted to chill in a café before we watch movie but our usual’s full (almost always). So our feet wandered here. I was hoping, but not really expecting that their food’s atleast worth our time. You guys should’ve seen my eyes sparkle. I found my strawberry milkshake fix, i could cry. lol. 

Ok, ok, enough of the milkshake since that’s not the only thing Café Shibuya offers. They basically are a japanese themed cafe that’s known for their deliciously brewed coffee paired with their tasty desserts. 

Newspaper-like menu~

How cool is this? This is their menu. Creative as they can be but we know this won’t stand. They made their original menu like a newspaper and they have stories and detail of their food. We’re actually lucky we’ve seen this. They don’t use this menu anymore since the last time I went there. 😦

Shibuya Eggs Benedict ( ₱255) 🍳

I was intrigued in their illustration so I ordered this, and I was hooked with Master Chef that time that I’ve been dreaming of poached eggs. 😂 I thought I was ordering something light but don’t be fooled like I did if the serving looks like it’s just for one because it is definitely for share! This Shibuya Benedict is made of farmer’s ham, deep-fried poached egg, shiitake mushroom, and their home made japanese mayo cream sauce. Uggghhhh delicious! If you’re a sucker for japanese mayo, this is definitely for you.♡

Tebasaki Fried Chicken (₱225) 🍗

Jiro-pig, the love of my life, ordered something for dinner –Tebasaki Fried Chicken (but of course, I will try it too mehehe). It’s my first time trying japanese style fried chicken. It has it’s unique charm that would make you want to dig in. They made sure it’s crispy but not oily heavy. This dish is made up of two pieces Nagoya-style fried chicken seasoned with sweet garlicky soy sauce glaze. You can eat it with white rice (above pic) or with Kimchi rice (275).

There’s so much more to try here at Café Shibuya their menu varies from salad, pizza, toast, entrée and desserts! Perfect hang out for you and your friends. ♡ 

Café Shibuya

-Ground Floor, The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City (in front of SM Super Market)
-Branches in Glorietta, UP Town Center and Trinoma Mall

I hope you like my come-back-from-the-game-cave post because I know I did!😘 In the future, I’ll post updates from the games I’m playing from time to time, what I’m doing lately, and how life’s treating me. Don’t worry! I’ll make sure this blog would still revolve around my first love, Food! Make sure to try Café Shibuya out if you’re in the area. That’s all for now, chow!~♡

Always hungry,

🌸 ish’cLair 🌸


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