The place that lifted my burger curse. 🍔

I know, how absurd right? Someone who doesn’t like eating burgers actually exist. For some traumatic reasons, which happened multiple times from an established fastfood chain, I steer clear of burgers. But one windy Monday blew all the bad taste away.~ 

Where’s the Burger?

No sleep, dizzy and hungry. That’s how my monday’s doing when I went with Jiro with one of his client meetings near Maginhawa. Good thing is, it’s just a short meeting so we can go and eat right away. Since I’m not feeling that well, I don’t have that much energy to actually choose where to eat so, we stumbled upon The Burger Project. I’ve heard about the place a couple of times but since I wasn’t interested in burgers, I skip

The moment we went in, I’m in love. 8-bit burger designs! Just in time, since I’m playing Stardew Valley (Will post about this next on game pages ;)). The place isn’t that big, good thing we were there around 1PM so it wasn’t crowded yet.

Make your own BRGR. 🍔

Just look at all those choices! Best thing is, they have jalapenos. Anything with jalapenos will not disappoint, this is me being They also have milkshake and fries which are great pair with burgers.

Meat overload. Meet JIROBRGR. 🐷

They will give you a checklist of what you want your burger to be. From your BRGR’s meat, bun, what kind of cheese you want on your burger, basic and premium toppings, and lastly the sauce. They also have Vegan friendly choices.

Meat overload~ 🍖🍗 (₱270)

This masterpiece is made with their 100% Angus Beef (130), Chili con Carne (55), topped with Jalapenos (25), smothered with cheese (35) and special BRGR sauce (25), and wrapped in sesame seed bun.


I would’ve taken a better photo but my height can’t make it through the glass Can’t wait to try all of these promising sauces. They have special BRGR sauce, BBQ, Ranch, even Adobo Aioli, Wasabi Mayo, and Pesto as their sauce for 25 each. Premium sauces for an additional 35 include Marinara, BBQ Ranch, Mango Sriracha, Honey Mustard, Truffle Mayo, Buffalo Wings Sauce, Sriracha Mayo, Sriracha Ranch, and Salted Egg Mayo.

Sides, cheese, toppings!🎆

Some of the toppings are shown above, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles are free with the burger while the others have additional 25 to 65.

We also ordered the 150 starter combo that has fries and iced tea included. I thought it would be half the size of the regular one but it’s the same size for less. It has the basic bun, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and beef patty.


122 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

02 3517474
+63 9222832057

It was so delicious but not heavy. Just enough to be satisfying without feeling bloated or guilty. If ever you’re in the area, make sure to stop by. This place definitely brought back my faith in burgers. 😍 That’s all for now foodies!

Til next chow,



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