Choco-late de Batirol on a Rainy Afternoon

Hot choco in a cold rainy weather sounds too perfect to ignore so we didn’t dare miss it. ☕

Choco-late de Batirol sits in the midst of Camp John Hay, Baguio in Igorot Park near their golf course. They have ample parking space to accomodate their guests or you can also reach them by foot if you’re up for a long walk or a jog. The place is a haven for nature lovers. A great place to take a break from all your worries.

They have wood carvings and recycled materials as the center of their decorations. And all their food’s freshly made from scratch.

You can choose to dine out in their garden or inside where they also have souvenirs available. We were here a day before Typhoon Karen hits the city so it started raining. We had no choice but to dine inside. Nevertheless, it’s still has that homey feeling you always want to go back to.

This place reminds me of my grandparent’s place before it was renovated – simple and close to nature. After all those eyecandies, let’s talk about their food. Though, fair warning, all of their choco beverage have peanuts in them so if you’re allergic, steer clear of them. They do offer variety of drinks.

We then got a table for 8 and ordered their famous hot choco-late. We had brunch so this is considered as our afternoon snack(?)/ miryenda. Just a heads up to all, their prices are a bit higher than your usual hot chocolate so make sure to budget your visit here. But if you leisurely go to Starbucks, you’re good. 

We ordered Baguio Blend (Strawberry), several Almond, Raspberry and Choco Mallows. One cup costs around ₱ 110, but I think one cup is enough since it’s so rich that you’ll be sated with its rich choco-peanuty flavor.

We also ordered Turon de Langka ( ₱ 90), Suman sa Lihia ( ₱ 70) and Bibingka ( ₱ 110). They were all good partnered with the choco-late, but being a Bulakenya, I’ve tasted better with lesser price.

They also offer meals but we didn’t have the time and spare money to be honest (longsilog alone is around ₱ 170), for me to blog about how they are, but I’ll try to next time. If you can recommend what we should try here, just comment below. 😉

This place truly is one of the where-to-eat places in Baguio. They do have a branch in Pampanga but what makes the hot Choco-late special is the ambiance and the place where you’re going to drink it. So 


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