Art Cafe // ChasingStrawberries in El Nido

It’s not really the beach or the scenery but the first thing I look forward to when I’m travelling would be the place’s food specialties and delicacies. I know, it’s a bit crazy but I do love food that much and I know there are lots of people like me out there. So let’s just enjoy the sea’s bounty here in my first El Nido trip post. 🙂

The place is always full. Good thing we came in early!~

One of the places to eat in Palawan is at El Nido Boutique & Art Cafe, located at Sirena St., Buena Suerte. It’s a two floor building, which has the souvenirs on the ground floor and the cafe on the second. There’s also a small garden across that building that has several tables which you can dine in.

This place is definitely not a fast food chain since they cook as you order. If you’re really hungry, you should grab a quick bite first. Their main course may take up to 30 mins to cook. The cafe has three specialties that night which are Chicken Casserole, Chili Crab, and Salmon Fillet. We ordered the first two. 

This might have been my most expensive shake on this trip, mainly because it’s pure fruit shake. I had mango shake (₱150) and Jiro ordered watermelon (₱120). Be forewarned that fruit shakes that we encountered in El Nido ranges from ₱90 – ₱150.

Chicken Casserole (₱320)

Olives + Mushroom + Chicken hits the spot right. I think this would also be better with pasta though paired with rice is also splendid. To be honest, I was expecting a cheesy dish because of it’s name but it came out better to my liking. It does have a earthy taste and it may be weird for those who do not like the taste of olives all over. Good thing I love my olives, specially in my pasta. I asked what kind of cuisine it is, and they said it’s Swiss.

Chili Crab (₱395)

This is my Chili Crab Mug Shot. Because this beauty right here stole my heart through my stomach. I’ve tasted different versions of Chili Crab but this by far would be my favorite. It differs from what I’m used to maybe because where I came from, we usually sauté red chilis, onions and garlic with coconut milk. Again, the nosy me asked what kind of cuisine this is and how it’s cooked because again, it’s not what I’m used to and she said it’s actually a Filipino cuisine. They just steamed the crab then sautéed in garlic, onion, ginger, and green chilis then seasoned with salt and pepper. You can really taste how fresh the crab is and the softness of it’s meat just melts in your mouth. I would say the spicyness would be a little above ‘just right’ since I sneak a sip of water or two. Though it would depend on your spice tolerance, considering I like spicy foods. The only thing I wish I had was a vinegar dip. But all in all, it was heavenly.

They also offer breakfast and lunch, cocktail drinks and refreshments, and their menu varies from Asian to Western Cuisine. They do have steak but I restrained myself since I wanted to emerse myself in a sea-bound mode. But I know it will haunt me for days.

I’m sorry if I can only feature two of the food they offer since breakfast and lunch were included in our tour package. If you have money to spare for the trip, you should definitely try Art Café’s specialty of the day. Stay tuned for more food trips in El Nido. 

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Always Hungry,



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