El Nido in November // Day 2 of 4: Tour A

We have a big day ahead and we’re all so excited… and sleepy. We have to wake up around 7AM for breakfast because the start of the tour is at 9AM.

Breakfast: Skinless longganisa, egg, rice, and watermelon partnered with coffee or milo

This is the resort’s beach front where we eat breakfast and drink at night. Once you’re ready, your tour guide will assist you to the boat.

The only problem we had with the resort’s location is, it’s too far from where the boat docks. The water is too shallow so you need to walk from the shore to the boat. For this trip, I highly suggest on wearing aqua shoes because you’re going to fight a rocky battle here in El Nido. I got several scratches. Also, listen to your guide all the time.

We’ve got 2 groups with us for this tour. Tour A consists of Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Simizu Beach, Payong Payong Beach , Seven Commando Beach. I’m using my Samsung Note 4 in taking some of the photos and some are grabbed from my friend’s gopro. My phone died at the middle of the tour so I might miss a photo or two. Sorry.

Our first stop would be the Small Lagoon. Here you can rent kayak for ₱200 for the small one (2 persons) and ₱500 for the big (4 persons). Your guide will also ask you beforehand if you’re going to rent snorkeling gear for ₱150 a day. Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon almost look the same so here are photos of what to expect… and some of our self-portraits.

Nice one Tobi!

Everything’s so majestic, no wonder El Nido is one of the sought after place for foreigners and locals alike. ♡

Yep. There is the infamous picture taking spot in the boat. You can stand, sit, sleep, flip, whatever you like as long as you don’t fall off the boat. Next stop is the snorkeling area. Guess who we saw?

After swimming and snorkeling, it’s time for lunch. We went to Payong Payong beach to eat.

For our first tour lunch, we have grilled fish, pork, chicken, mussels, and fruits. We were all so full! After that, we went to Big Lagoon then Seven Commando Beach.

The tour ended around 4PM and we got back to our cottage around 5PM. We ended the day by going to PUKKA bar and chill with their reggae band. You should try their Nachos btw.

We still have another post to go! Make sure to stick till the end. See you next post!~

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