Sea Jane Restobar // ChasingStrawberries in El Nido

What better way to end the day than eating freshly grilled food, sipping fresh fruit shake, or drinking ice cold beer on the beach? 🌊 (El Nido Day 1 Continuation)

After settling in our cottage, we rode a tricycle to beach front for dinner. There are tons of places to eat here in El Nido, the ones near the beach mostly grill and restobar. That’s exactly what we’re in the mood for.

They more or less have the same food to offer in their menu so we chose the most affordable ones we can find (and we’re already hungry and tired to go back and forth hahah). We decided to eat at Sea Jane Restobar.

Waiting time would be around 20-30 minutes, since they’re made to order. You can choose to have them grilled, cooked with soup, sweet and sour, or buttered. If you chose to have them cooked aside from grilling, you would have to pay an additional ₱50.

Would you prefer fruit shake?

Or this ice cold beer?

You can enjoy your drinks first while waiting for the food. The beers range from ₱70 – ₱100, while their fruit shake’s ₱100.

Garlic Buttered Shrimp

Red Snapper Sinigang (Tamarind Soup)

Grilled Pork Liempo (middle)

We ordered three kinds of viand – Garlic Buttered Shrimp, Grilled Pork Liempo, and Red Snapper Sinigang. The regular shrimp cost ₱250 per 10pcs (expensive, I know) if you want them grilled. Since we opted to have it cooked, it costs us ₱300 and we ordered 2 batches. Grilled Pork Liempo costs ₱200, and Red Snapper Sinigang costs ₱450 (inclusive of 4 rice w/ veggies). We spent around ₱190 each excluding drinks.

If you still want to chill and drink after, you can just buy your drinks in the nearest convenient store, just like we did, and hang out outside the cottages. We ended the day around 12am, since we still have an early tour the next day.

In the end, there’s really no right or wrong in choosing where to eat in El Nido, since you would see that most of the food they’re offering are fresh from the sea. If you happen to eat at Sea Jane Restobar, you can share your thoughts below too! Chow for now~

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