El Nido in November // Day 3 & 4: Tour C and Last day in Palawan

This is technically our last day in El Nido since Day 4 will be consumed by our travel time to the airport and buying souvenirs. We do have a long day ahead and like our 2nd day, we started with free breakfast (hotdog, egg, rice, and banana) and coffee.

TOUR  C:  Talisay Beach, Secret Beach, Star Beach, Helicopter Island, Hidden Beach 

Hidden Beach

Secret Beach

Around 12 noon, we stopped at Talisay Beach for lunch. While they’re preparing the food, we were given time to swim and snorkel. Check for Tour A for food reference.

Don’t stray too far when you swim, the water gets deep too fast

Done eating!~

We then went to a snorkeling area then to Star Beach. That’s the end of Tour C.

We arrived at our cottage around 5pm. After washing up, we went out to look for a place to eat. 

Sunset ♡

Jiro and I went to El Nido Boutique & Art Cafe to eat. We had Chili Crab and Chicken Casserole. Click the link to read the full article about the restaurant. 

The rest of the group went to Giovanz Beef Stew House. Which is also a must try in El Nido. They ordered their specialty, Beef Stew, Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu, and Beef Stew Pizza.

When I asked them to describe how the food taste, they told me one thing, it’s ‘super sarap’. I was hoping I could take a bite but they’re done eating when I arrived. We then walked home and packed our things to prepare for the next day. 

We had a very early breakfast at around 7AM because we need to be on the road by 8AM. The tour’s van took us to where they roast cashew nuts to buy there directly so we can save a bit. It’s far more expensive when you buy in the souvenir shop. 

Nice view huh? Would you believe that this is your view in a stop’s comfort room?

Around 1:30PM, we got to the airport and we tried the Crocodile Sisig (295 w/ rice). It’s expensive but we have yet to try it so we did. It tasted like chicken with texture of a pork, without the fat. It tastes good but it didn’t wow us.

Our flight’s at 3:40PM but was delayed and we arrived in Manila around 5:30PM. Btw, there’s a terminal fee of 200 in Puerto Princesa airport.

That wraps up our 4-day El Nido trip. I hope you learned a tip or two. If you have questions, just comment down below and I’ll try my best to answer your inquiry.

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