Let’s Taco bout it. 

I know you’ve been seeing this place whenever you travel from Bayan (Malolos) to Crossing and been wondering what they offer. I’ve got just the photos to lure you in.

From their catch phrase to their name is just witty.  Mexikanin, as their tarp implies, offers Filipinized Tex-Mex Cuisine that will surely be a palate cleanser from all the burgers and desserts that are popping around the corner nowadays. 

Their decor is simple and festive that made me feel like I’m in my elementary school festival, in a good nostalgic way.

Mexikanin is also the name of one of their main courses. It consists of either pork, chicken, or both, rice (obviously with the word “kanin“), chili con carne, tomatoes, and what’s screaming in the picture – cabbage toppings. They would also provide unlimited cheesy garlic and chipotle chili sauce. I heard they also have cilantro lime sauce available. This dish got me full and I’m not even halfway done. I like how you can control the taste and how hot it will be with their sauces, the only thing I wish would differ is the proportion of toppings to rice. The amount of rice was a bit overpowering that the toppings were a bit left out. Nothing that can’t be easily adjusted. 🙂 

We also ordered Chicken Quesadillas and Nachos. You can again, spice them up to your choosing. What I love about their nachos, aside from having jalapeños which is a super thumbs up, is how thin the chips are but they don’t get soggy even if you drench it in cheese. Yup, drench.

I ordered their Adobo Chipotle but sadly, it’s not available during our visit. That, desserts, and their Jalapeño Cheese would be on my list to try next time. I wish they would also offer their own blend of iced tea in the near future for heavy juice drinkers like us. Currently, they offer small bottled Coke and C2.

In the end, it’ll really be based on your own preference. So, if you’re craving for mexican food and on a budget, this is the perfect place to go! Btw, all this is possible because of our friend Tim, and their soon to be project. So thanks, Tim! 🙆


Always hungry,



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