Kimukatsu Tei // From Tokyo to Manila

Some people think that there’s no finesse and sophistication in fried food, when in fact, the simplest form is most often the hardest to perfect. 

Since the restaurant that we were eyeing’s a bit pricey, we decided to stop by Trinoma’s food choices instead. We then agreed to try Kimukatsu Tei. They claim that every katsu’s made of 25 layers of thin-sliced pork and covered with Japan-imported panko. The franchise originated from Japan with multiple locations in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka. They opened their Trinoma branch last July, and also has the main restaurants in Century Mall, Shangri-la Plaza, and Bonifacio High Street. 

Let’s head on to the juicy part! Trinoma branch has limited selection compared to the main restaurant, and thus cheaper as well. I ordered Kimukatsu Curry at 180. It includes miso soup, and cabbage with sesame dressing sides. It did live up to their claim of the katsu being light, juicy (not oily), and seasoned well. The rice is perfectly cooked – not like in a common japanese fastfood chain here, that uses sticky rice. The curry sauce is creamy and  rich but not overpowering. The pickled radish and cabbage with sesame dressing’s also refreshing on the palate, and of course, nothing could ever go wrong when you sip a warm miso soup. 

Jiro ordered a Japanese classic Gyudon, at 199. It has sweet and savory beef, onions, and soft-yolk sunny side-up egg on top of the rice. Though it’s sweet, I did like it a lot. If you like iced tea or soda, you just have to add 20.

They have a total of seven flavors for their Katsu: Black Pepper, Garlic, Negi Shio (marinated spring onion), Cheese, Ume Shiso, Yuzu Kosyo (Yuzu fruits and green chilli pepper), and Plain.

If you’re in a hurry and craving for great quality katsu, Kimukatsu Tei in Trinoma is the place to eat. I actually finished my bowl, plus a bit of Jiro’s Gyudon. We’ll try to eat in their main branch next time when we’re in the area and will update you for comparison. Make sure to try their food out when you drop by the area. You won’t be disappointed. 🙆

Always hungry, 



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