Just Got TORCHed!

By this time, others would try to shed some of the holiday weight that they gained, but not for a food blogger. Another year means tons of opportunity to eat out and here’s my first review for 2017.

Torch is one of the restaurants we’ve been eyeing for, for a long time now. We dined in their Trinoma branch. It’s a bit out of our budget so it took us a while before we have the courage to eat here. Their best sellers are sushi/maki, pizza, and steak.

Their interiors look fancy and refreshing, and they have their own restroom, so you won’t have to run inside the mall. They also have free fried pasta for you to munch on while waiting for your order, which in my honest opinion, is the best part of my dining experience here. They also have condiments like soy sauce and wasabi, chilli sauce, and chili oil served at your table.

It took around 15-20 minutes wait time for our food. First one on our list would be Roasted Pumpkin Soup (₱169.75). Cream based soup is definitely one of my comfort food. The server asked us if we want our soup divided, so we did. What you see in the first picture is already divided into two persons. It has garlic bread included – that I already ate. Just be careful, the soup itself can leave you feeling full. It has the right earthy roasted taste combined with bits of bacon, it’s an instant favorite!

Philly Cheese Steak x Gambas Pizza (₱ 374.95) was the second to arrive. What I love about them is the service and options they provide to their customers. They immediately informed us that you can have two flavors in one pizza, though the price won’t be the average of the two, but the higher. You should eat them as soon as served as it gets cold really easy. Taste wise, it’s just okay but not really a value for money kind of pizza. We were a bit disappointed with the gambas pizza since it only has two shrimp per slice and it’s a bit tough, though it does have the typical spicy flavor of gambas. I like how crunchy the crust was, though there came a point where the cheese separates from the crust leaving us with crunchy bread and cheese. Would I recommend this? Not really. First of, I’m not a pizza lover so it takes a lot of convincing and wow factor for me to recommend one. 

Say hello to Torch Signature Roll (₱399.95). As you can see, there’s a lot going on here. It’s an eight piece maki roll that has ebi tempura, soft shell crab, unagi, tamago, and Japanese cucumber, topped with wakame seaweed, kani, and ripe mangoes. 

Looking at the ingredients would already give you tons of flavor ideas, which it did deliver, it’s just too big for one bite. It’s a bit messy to eat if you cut it in half. What saddens me most about this was how dry their ebi tempura, like when shrimp gets overcooked, thus felt like it’s not that fresh anymore. It’s such a waste when the main ingredient wasn’t done right. Will I try this again? Maybe. As I’ve said, flavor’s magical, I can give it another chance.

Overall, I like the free fried pasta, Roasted Pumpkin soup, and Torch Signature Roll’s flavor. Oh, and we did order a bottomless red tea (75), that reminded me a bit of Kool-Aid. Torch Trinoma also has great customer service from leading you to your table to offering ways for food to be served.

I always want to be as positive as possible but there are things you can’t really hide. I am as honest as I can be when it comes to my reviews, so if you have any suggestions or if your dining experience is different than mine, you can share it in the comment section below. If you can afford it, still give Torch a chance, hopefully it’s just a bad day or a holiday hangover.


Always hungry,



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