Ramen Yushoken // Ramen god’s Anniversary Gift

Hey! We’re 1 year old! Time flies that fast and calories keep on adding up, but no one can stop us in finding places to eat, travel, and games to play.

To celebrate my blog’s anniversary, I’ve got another Ramen restaurant to review. This time, we’re going south. If you’re from around here, you would definitely be familiar with Ramen Yushoken. Just a hint on how good their ramen is? It’s rated 4.5/5 in tripadvisor.

The restaurant specializes in Tonkotsu, or Pork-bone broth, which is boiled for 12 hours. Just imagine how much love, time, and effort’s given just for us to enjoy this blissful food. We ordered Shio and Tantan-men Tonkotsu Ramen, Gyoza, and Aji Tamago. I don’t have any interior design pictures for you since the place is swamped with people, that it’s a bit rude to take photos of the place.

First to arrive is this juicy Gyoza(180). These are pork dumplings that are steamed on one side and griddled on the other. Their gyoza is juicy, light, and refreshing. You won’t regret ordering one to balance your ramen broth’s richness. Though, calm yourself and resist ordering another one before you finish your ramen since they have a no take-out policy. 

Here comes the main course. I chose Shio (350), which is the basic of all their tonkotsu base. It comes with grilled pork belly, bamboo shoots, mushroom, and sesame seeds. Be careful since it’s hot, but you need to eat them ASAP before it gets cold. I suggest you try it without the pork first to savor the rich pork broth. When you need more flavor, then bite a bit of that pork belly with the noodles and broth. They also use thick noodles so it’s a bit on the hard side. If you like soft noodles, you might want to request them for it. They don’t have spoon and fork too. How’s your chopstick skills?

Aji Tamago(80) is a must if you’re ordering Shio Tonkotsu Ramen. You might be used to ramen that has tamago included, unfortunately, Yushoken offers them separately. According to them, their Aji Tamago’s 62° marinated half-boiled egg that you can ask to be on the side or on the soup. 

Jiro ordered Tantan-Men(400), which has sesame paste, chili oil, and ground pork. Delicate, bold, and something for people who wants heat in their food. 

This place reminds me a lot of Mendokoro Ramenba when it comes to their amount of serving and taste, you can check my post about it by clicking the name.

No wonder my south friends are raving about this place since everything is top notch. If ever you’re in the area, you should try Ramen Yushoken located at Molito, Madrigal Avenue cor. Zapote road, Muntinlupa. 

Thank you for being with me for a year now. I’m doing my best to write more often and provide you all with honest reviews for all my travels, game tips, and food trips. Hoping for more years of blogging and sharing. If you have questions and suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment below. 


Happy Anniversary,

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