Hoy, Panga! : Fiesta Style Filipino Food // ChasingStrawberries in Boracay

We’re finally here! The flight from Manila to Caticlan’s just an hour but we’re now hungry and eager to try what Boracay has to offer. The place is more commercialized than when we were here 4 years ago. Glaringly, there’s several Korean restaurants built. Maybe because most of the tourist we’ve seen are group of koreans on tour. But we’re not here for that instead, we’ve scoured most of Station 1 and Station 2, and opted to try it here. 

You might have seen this place in Bogart the Explorer. Hoy, Panga! offers classic Filipino food in a fiesta style dining. The place is located at Station 2, Boracay, near Dmall. 

Their interior’s simple, maintaining their fiesta theme. They also have tables outside if you want to eat near the beach. Our orders took around 15-20 mins to arrive, but they did inform us about it. 

I’ll never go without a refreshing drink on the beach. Brace yourselves though, since this does not go cheap here in Boracay itself. Shakes range around 120 – 250 a glass. This Mango Shake is at 140.

The place’s specialty is grilled tuna and we didn’t miss the chance to try it. They have solos and for sharing. This baby here is their Large Tuna Belly (550). Tuna by itself’s delicious, so I’m a bit dismayed that there’s nothing special about their dish. It’s also a bit dry. For the amount they’re selling it, I expected more.

Another Filipino favorite is next on our plates. Their Pork Belly Sisig’s (300) awesome. Another dish that you can never go wrong though. The pork is crunchy and flavorful. It’s not that spicy so even those who are not a fan can easily enjoy this. I just wished that the onions were cooked but only for me since I don’t like eating raw onions. 

At first glance, I asked the servers if they got this wrong. We ordered Sizzling Squid (300) and all of us were expecting to see more of the squid in there. What it lacked in presentation and quantity, raised up in taste. It has a unique tangy and spice flavor to it’s gravy that was empowered by green chilis. There ‘s no hint of unpleasant fishiness of the squid. The squid’s also perfectly cooked – not raw nor rubbery. I just wished there was more.

We also ordered their Crispy Fried Chicken (200). I didn’t have a photo of it since it was for my nephew and he’s hungry and grumpy af already. They served it late, around 15 mins more. Though late, it was juicy and delicious in a way that every part of the chicken’s marinated. The breast part isn’t dry, and the skin’s crispy. One serving consists of half of a small chicken. 

Overall, I would still recommend this place for those who will go to Boracay, but make sure you’re budget ready. Most of the food here ranges around 300 – 500 per order and sometimes, it isn’t even for sharing. I just wish they increase their serving size, and think of a way to spice up their Tuna Belly. Try out their Pork Sisig, Sizzling Squid, Grilled Tuna Belly, and Fried Chicken and let me know what you think. 


Your Hungry Sea Monster,



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