Kolai Mangyan // Where to Eat in Boracay for Less Than 100

Getting to Boracay isn’t really as expensive as other people think. Unless you want to splurge on high-end hotels with pools and wifi, you can get a room for 4 for only ₱2000 and ₱1000 on a plane ticket. What you really need to prepare for is your food budget. A meal almost always range to ₱300 – ₱500 including your shakes and refreshments especially if you’re lazy to look for cheap places to eat.

Our guide and family friend Kuya Ramon, showed us a wallet-friendly place with decent food. Kolai Mangyan promises great food for good price. There were a lot of locals and tourists alike when we ate lunch here, but their place can accommodate the crowd. 

Kolai Mangyan is located in the main road of Station 2, 5 – 10 minutes walk from the beach.

They have a native kubo style interior, giving a provincial Filipino vibe. Despite the warm weather, the place is comfortable. It’s a pay-as-you-order restaurant so you have to go to the cashier to order your food.

One of their best-sellers are called Budbud or their version of rice toppings. The photo above is Budbud All-Mix (₱65). It’s a combination of pork and beef with scrambled egg. It also comes with lumpia and fresh tomato slice.

Budbud Special (₱82), has additional fries and fishballs from the previous picture. 

They also offer several sizzling meals. This one’s Teriyaki Beef with White Sauce (₱75).  It was okay for the price. We just wished there was more of the sauce, just like how they portray it in their menu.

This one’s my mom’s favorite. Their Chicken Feet (₱60) is sweet and spicy. It’s cooked perfectly that you won’t have problems eating it. And of course, nothing beats sharing a Whole Fried Chicken (₱275) with your family.

They also have shakes so we ordered Mango Shake and Black Forest Shake for ₱75. The only disappointment I had is that they said they will use fresh Mangoes in their shake but it tasted like zesto mango juice. 

Aside from the shake incident, Kolai Mangyan is still a decent place to eat if you’re on a budget in Boracay. They also offer pasta that’s great for kids, and other Filipino delicacies like Kare-Kare, Sisig, Sinigang, and even Garlic Kangkong. 

Even if you’re on vacation, that doesn’t mean you need to splurge a lot of money. Sometimes, those places that are hidden in plain sight offers food that will surprise you.


Always hungry,



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