Brooklyn’s // Cravings and Comfort Food

Have you ever craved for something that you just ate the other day? I have. Funny thing is, I discovered it by accident. Or maybe it was fate?

The day’s dillema was that I only have 300 left in my wallet but I still have to buy food for two. I could’ve easily bought a happy meal but ironically, that won’t make me happy. Tired and hungry, I stumbled upon Brooklyn’s New York Pizza. A friendly crew walked me through their menu and gave me helpful options that I can choose from. That was the day I replaced my favorite pasta dish on my list.

Bacon & Mushroom Pasta (280) is one of their best-seller and kids’ favorite on their menu. No wonder I liked it huh? You can choose from solo (188) or for sharing, the one mentioned above. The group serving can be shared by 2-3 persons, depending on how big of a eater you are. It’s a combination of comfort flavors that definitely hits the spot and relieves all stress. It has a generous amount of creamy white sauce that you won’t get tired of, subtle heat from black pepper, salty-rich taste of bacon without the fatty feel, and the earthy taste of shiitake mushroom. It instantly melted my heart, I almost cried. A perfect comfort food, and taste that does not dull in every bite. 

That pasta raised the restaurant’s bar for me so we went back and tried other food that they offer.

Pasta’s always good with chicken on it’s side. That’s why we tried their Buffalo Wings (298). You can ask for a ranch dip for an additional charge of 25. I was a bit disappointed since it’s a bit dry and doesn’t have the spicyness you’d expect from a good buffalo wings. Unfortunately, the ranch dip cannot cover the said weakness.

We also tried their Poutine (188), a dish made of French Fries, cheese, and brown gravy. Again, a just-fine dish. The gravy taste a lot like soy sauce while the cheese didn’t really made much of an impact. 

Tip: You can ask for condiments like chili pepper, hot sauce, salt and pepper, and grated parmesan cheese.

I’ve also tried their Creamy Pesto with Chicken Parmegiana but I got it for take-out so I don’t have pictures but it’s also great but Bacon & Mushroom still had my heart. We haven’t tried their pizzas yet since we’re just two (and I’m a pasta > pizza kind of girl) but I read a lot of great comments about them. If you have tried their pizza, make sure to tell me what to try next, ‘kay? 

I highly recommend their Bacon & Mushroom pasta – if I haven’t emphasized it yet on my previous statement. You should definitely try it at least once in your life, I promise you, you will crave for it. 

Alabang Town Center (850-9999)
Robinsons Place – Manila (405-0505)
Makati (896-9696)
Tomas Morato (376-7676)
B.F. Homes (775-7575)
Citygolf Complex Ortigas (633-9999)
Madison Square Garden (997-7999)

Craving Monster,


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This post was not written for detrimental purposes and is not sponsored in any way. Everything written is based on my experience and honest opinion. It might be different from yours, so I challenge you to share it on the comment section below.


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