Ice Flower // Korean Bingsu

I don’t know about diamonds, but right now, airconditioners, beaches, sunscreens, and ice creams are this girl’s bestfriends.

While some of my friends are celebrating Spring/Cherry Blossoms season, it’s definitely Summer here in the Philippines. Not a day goes by without someone posting how hot it is. No one can deny the fact that we’re reaping the effects of Global Warming. Others beat the summer heat by going to the beach, staying in a comfy resort or hotel, and, like me, eating anything cold. Yep, even ice chips at a point. Which leads us to one of today’s food trend – Bingsu

Bingsu is the Korean take on shaved ice dessert, with sweet toppings such as fresh fruits, sweetened condensed milk, or traditional korean flavors like red beans or green tea. I’ve been seeing people try them in social media for quite a while now but haven’t been able to until recently.

How cute is this place? It’s almost always full so we went there on an unholy hour. I think they’re open until 11pm. They have those comfy colorful chairs for two or the group lounge where you can bond with friends. It’s a perfect place to enjoy your sweet dessert. They also have a corner where you can play with shaved ice like they were snow. Which makes me wonder, how much does their electricity cost? lol.

They also have this pretty butterfly chair, though good in taking photos, it’s bad for your back. It only took a while before we changed seats. (Hi from me and my eye’s baggage.🙈)

We played it safe the first time we went to try their Bingsu. It was supposed to be strawberry for me but it’s unsurprisingly unavailable due to the fact that summer isn’t strawberry’s favorite season. I got Mango Cheesecake and Jiro ordered Blueberry Cheesecake. Price ranges from 250 – 500 depending on the size and flavor. Another reason why I’m a bit hesitant to try them. For a regular person like me, that is quite pricey for shaved ice.

But wow. As a probinsyana, I’m used to halo-halo that’s made using a manual ice shaver that has big chunks of ice as an end result. But this Bingsu has no trace of that. You can’t even feel that it’s shaved ice because it’s so fine. It melts in your mouth even before your brain can interpret that “hey, stupid, it’s just ice”. I guess you shouldn’t really expect less since you’re paying 10x than a humble halo-halo. There’s also a hint of sugar in the ice itself so you can eat it by as is or top it up with condensed milk.

Tip for eating the Blueberry Cheesecake: try crushing the blueberry and mix it with the ice, it’s better than eating the fruit as a whole.

As my guts improve, I tried their Green Tea Bingsu. You may think it’s weird of me to be scared of green tea/matcha flavor when a lot of people love them but I’ve actually tried the unsweetened, unadulterated legit matcha and it’s an acquired taste – thus the root of my reluctancy. But this is the subtle anyone-will-love kind of matcha plus that sweet red bean on top? Instant crowd favorite. The red bean reminded me of a 5-peso ice drop we eat as a kid. Darn, I’m old.

Choco Brownie Bingsu will bring out the child in you. It’s not as sweet as you think it will be so you don’t have to worry. The brownies are soft and chewy, you’ll wish there were more.

With this heat, Bingsu’s are a treat, and after a hard day’s work, we all deserve it once in a while. *As budget permits*


Showing Food’s True Form,


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This post was not written for detrimental purposes and is not sponsored in any way. Everything written is based on my experience and honest opinion. Feel free to express yours in the comment section below.


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