Chairman Wang’s Prime Beef Noodle House // Mother’s Day Celebration

Imagine this: Prime Marbled Wagyu Beef in a rich bowl of Lanzhou style hand-pulled noodles. Then tell me, who am I to resist?

The original plan was to go home to Bulacan and celebrate with my family, unfortunately, work’s not that forgiving. I was so down that day, that Jiro’s compelled to take me out for dinner. That’s when we decided to try Chairman Wang’s.


From the decoration, to the table, and to how the crew provides their service proves that this place is classy. It gives an elegant Chinese place feel, that I even felt that I was underdressed with just my everyday blouse-shorts-flipflops combo. The restaurant’s big enough to accommodate their guests with access to their second floor, if the first one’s full. They also have a waiting room, but I didn’t take a picture since there were a lot of people waiting.

I did some research about the place since spending a thousand’s already considered expensive for me. Chairman Wang’s in particular is above my average budget, if I’m not careful. So, I’ve decided that I will try their smoked duck breast noodle soup as reference to a great review of that dish. However, that day surely was against me. I searched every corner of their menu but it isn’t there anymore. And then, it caught my eye W-A-G-Y-U.


Just look at the size of that meat and generous serving. This can easily be for two. Chairman’s Prime Beef Noodle Soup Wagyu costs ₱450 per serving. Now for the real talk – is it worth the price? Serving size wise, again, yes. For taste, not so much. To be honest, I was expecting more Wagyu or the least, smokey-meaty flavor on the soup, but there wasn’t any. After you finish the beef, you’ll be left with a typical Chinese noodle soup. If you’re not a fan of anise, this might not be for you. Their hand-pulled noodles are also soggy and tastes a bit floury for my liking. I’ve tried several establishment that also offer hand-pulled noodles but they weren’t as soggy as theirs or maybe it’s just the holiday rush. You should also eat it as soon as it’s served because it gets cold easily. Now, will I order it again? I don’t think so, I can get a good serving of ramen with extra chasu, same price. But if you don’t mind spending that much for food, you can try it for the sake of Wagyu Beef indulgence.


We also tried Stir Fried Beef Hofan (₱280). Hofan or Ho Fen means wide rice noodles, the one you see on the picture that looks like squid meat when cooked. That’s what I thought too at first. Despite it looking like a mess, it’s a delicious mess. The noodles’ firmer than the former dish, and it’s light and refreshing. The beef’s marinated, but not overpowered, and ridiculously soft, almost melt in your mouth. What I really like about this was the caramelized onions. The onions were cooked perfectly to remove the tangy bitterness and turned it to a sweet delight. We’ll definitely order this again next time for sure.


This next one’s my favorite. It’s the little pitcher with Fruit Tea Sangria in it. For ₱150, you’ll get Strawberry Tea, Mango Juice, Orange Juice, Soda Water, Orange, Grapes, and Mint leaves. It’s a bit weird at first sip but it grew on me. It’s so refreshing, I crave for it more than Starbucks’ Hibiscus with Pomegranate. It just gives out a lot of flavor, not to mention the crispiness soda water incorporate in the drink. And it all taste authentic, not cheap juice-from-the-box kind of mix.


Our tummy’s already bursting from all the carbs, when the crew told us we’re eligible for their free fruit almond milk curd – their Mother’s day treat. Free dessert! I think it’s a Mother’s day special only since I didn’t see this in their menu as well.

There’s no doubt Chairman Wang’s a crowd favorite. Overall, it was a great experience and we’ll definitely go back. You should try this place especially if you’re a Chinese food fanatic.


Location: Molito Commercial Complex, Madrigal Avenue corner Commerce Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Contact No.: (02) 828 8477

Opens: 11AM – 11PM

Check Full Menu Here


Always Hungry,


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This post was not written for detrimental purposes and is not sponsored in any way. Everything written is based on my experience and honest opinion. Feel free to express yours in the comment section below.


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