Mr. Park’s Bread and Cake // Cozy Hangout Place

I’ve been on hiatus this summer, not because I’m out enjoying the sun, but because I’m avoiding it. Global warming is real, and I’m not really a fan of the hot weather here in the Philippines. Ironically, when I’m actually living in a tropical place. Anyways, I’ve found a spot where you can chill and not spend that much.


Mr. Park’s is a retail bakery that offers Korean specialty breads, desserts, and cakes. Though what lured me, aside from the urge to try their food, is their cozy and relaxing interiors that gives out a calming ambiance. The aroma of freshly baked goods will welcome you as you enter.



They offer wide variety of bread that you can choose from. Most of them are wrapped to make sure they won’t go stale easily. We arrived an hour before midnight, but their bread’s still soft and fresh. Despite the time, there were still customers lining up for dining in and take outs.



They also offer slices of cake or a whole, and loaves of bread. We’ve yet to try them though. You can also order meals, bingsu, shake, tea, latte, and coffee. We tried their Pane Pasta and Cream Soup because of their poster that really appealed to us whenever we pass by the café.


We’re waiting for our meal to be served so we decided to try some of their specialty bread. I forgot to take note of their names but it’s chocolate chip and blueberry bread. I liked the blueberry one because it has a flaky exterior, reminded me of otap, and soft chewy inside that has the blueberry jelly. It’s a bit messy to eat though. The choco chip bread’s okay. It’s has a crunch on it, that made it a bit hard to chew on. I did like that it’s not overwhelmingly sweet.


After 15 minutes, our meal order arrived. I’ve always wondered how these dishes taste. They both are served inside a round bread (sorry, I’m not bread-literate, I don’t know what it’s called) with a strawberry jam on the side. You’ll get to eat the whole bread because the bread they scrap off to make way for the pasta or soup will be placed on the side which you can dip on the jam as a dessert. I think that’s a practical way of making use of the bread. Check on ‘no to wasting food’.


Let’s talk about the cream soup first. Will I recommend this? No. As yummy as it looks, it taste nothing more of an instant cream soup. Sorry but it tasted a lot like knor cream soup. It broke my heart since I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time. I did enjoy dipping the bread to the soup but taste wise? It’s bland. A little bit of bacon or ground meat would’ve made a huge difference. Goodbye ₱ 130.


Their Pane Pasta is a bit decent than the former. It’s creamy and has a generous amount of bacon included, for ₱ 190, it’s okay but I’ve had better pasta for that price. The bread that served as the bowl did not disappoint, thankfully, it held the pasta and soup well and is crunchy outside and soft inside.

We didn’t try any of their drinks because we were planning on eating bingsu in Ice Flower but we were so full afterwards that we didn’t push through. Without a doubt, their meal and breads are filling. They also have a self-serve free lemon water on the side, if you’re not going to order drinks from them.

Undeniably, their bread’s a must-try and a friend of mine likes their cakes too. Though we didn’t like some of the meals they offered, we’ll still go back and try their other specialty bread and enjoy the cozy environment. Oh, and they have free wifi too so it’s a great place to write your blog, surf the net or read a book. When you think of it, it’s a cheap chill hangout place.

Thanks for your patronage~ *kawakami voice* (even though I seldom post, you’re still here. 😉 )

Always Hungry,


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This post was not written for detrimental purposes and is not sponsored in any way. Everything written is based on my experience and honest opinion. Feel free to express yours in the comment section below.


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