ChsingStrwbry Farm // Stardew Valley [My Farm Layout + Mod Links Used] 🌳🌻🌽🐟

Remember the time when you first inherited your farm from your grandad? Stardew Valley is turning back time and offering more than what you imagined. It’s an open-ended country-life RPG, released last February 2016, and just updated to 1.1 last October 3. All of this thanks to game developer ConcernedApe. ❤

I just found out about this game from my friend Rap recently, when he posted in facebook. And boy, I’m glad I did because I’m hooked ever since! It took me away from my 3DS and Final Fantasy streak (so, it will be a while before I write about them here).

Running 80hrs now~ First ones Modded, Second’s vanilla

Since I started later than others, my farm’s still a WIP, but I wanted to show you guys what it looks like before I make 1.1 version adjustments. I took that save screenshot earlier than the shots I will show you since I waited for the last week of Summer, so I can show you the crops in full bloom. 🌻

Definitely no mods here lol. Empty home. Huhu

I find it hard to look/ buy for furnitures and decors in the game since Pierre’s and  Jojamart just offer 1 kind per day. There were several mods about the furnitures and decors but 1.1 update include catalogues that makes your life easy since it’s all there. You just have to produce 200,000G each catalogue. 😂 I’ll save for that and update you guys what my home interior will look like. 

Hi, I’m High Elf ish’cLair living in a hobbit hole. 😍

***If you want to check the Mods, just click the name of the mod creator 😎***

Ok, let’s talk This house obviously isn’t part of the package. This is the upgraded house made by LemonEX. He also has portrait and sprite replacer for certain characters inspired by LotR. Just check the forum out and make sure to thank them!♡ Instructions are included but make it a habit to create back-ups to be safe.

I also replaced my horse with a chocobo, I just wish the soundtrack’s included. lol. Credit to NachoDevs. If you look at the upper left, I’ve got a pug since I’m obsessed with Doug the pug. WildSpirits has several more skins to choose from in her thread.

Veggies, Fruits, and Flower Fields…and CatCrows?🐈

I’m a dog person, so I chose dog as my pet, but even for me, this CatCrows are adorable!(compared to the alien Don’t worry, for some reasons, they still get the job done. All thanks to Jinxiewinxie.

My Special Crop Field~

Built a well for aesthetic puposes only since I already have I made this layout for the special crops that can be bought in the desert, and those that will sell a lot.

Forest and Camp fire!🌳

With all those concrete path, I need greens! The ones on the lower part are cherry tree so they turn pink in spring. 🌸

Fruit Trees! 🍎

This is the fruit tree area for all three seasons. OH, before I forget, the green patches/grass path were modded gravel path by MiaEmilia. She has different grass path for every season so you need to update it every time or it would look off.

Vineyard? 🍷🍺

Pale Ale anyone? Hops would turn into Pale Ale when placed in kegs, wheat to beer and grapes to wine. Booze away!

Artisan Area?

This is a grey area in my farm since in the update, there’s a shed that you can place all these machine. Would also need a place for the windmill. 

Barns and Coops

This is my favorite spot! I initially have a smaller free space for the animals to roam then changed it so there would be enough grass for them to feed on. I let them out every other day so the grass can regrow.

Slime Hutch and Greenhouse

This is a new addition to my farm. I just started to breed slimes and they’re attacking me like crazy. I haven’t killed enough slimes to get the slime-repelling ring. 😣

Farm Layout! 😍

After meticulously combining all the screenshots in MangaStudio (with the help of Jiro🐷), here’s how my farm looks like. Wheew. 

I definitely recommend this game! Me and all of those who rated it a 10/10. Aside from farming, there’s a fishing mini-game and cave hunting – that has monsters, ores, minerals, and artifacts that you need to complete the museum collection. Villagers give you tasks, and if they like you, there would be cut-scenes that may lead to your in-game marriage!  I’m not married in-game yet, but I’m leaning towards Sebastian. What do you think? Stardew Valley is available in stream and GoG. 😙

That’s all for now! I will update this page from time to time, specially with the 1.1 update. Feel free to copy my layout as long as you notify me in the comments below or email me at ♡

Til next grind,



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