It’s game time! 🎮

Aside from food and dogs, one quadrant of my heart belongs to games. As far as I can remember, I been playing and watching my dad finish RPG games. But you can only do much in a 24hr period so from studies to learning things, there won’t be much time to finish a lot. 

So 25 years later, here I am. Back tracking games that I missed because of school and work. I’ve got more free time now than before. So, let’s start!

Let me introduce you to my consoles:

My first Nintendo! 3DS XL in blue.

This was a gift from Jiro🐷 for my birthday. As what the caption says, this is my first nintendo hand-held console. I mostly use emulators before since I don’t have the capability to actually buy one for myself. I’ve already finished Bravely Default and Bravely Second on this baby. (Will do a separate post about those games)

New 3DS XL: Hyrule edition

When we had enough money to buy another one, this came by – a limited edition Hyrule New 3DS XL. It’s so pretty and shiny… my The old one was used by Jiro🐷 and we played Pokemon X and Y. It’s fun when you’re playing along with someone (and using their O-powers and trading better pokemons 😂). I also finished my first playthrough of Stella Glow, which is a strategy RPG with dating sim, and might do another round in New Game + if I have the time.

My Dad’s sexy back!lol and our PlayStation 3

We got this one circa 2012, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to actually finish a game here since it’s in my parent’s house in Bulacan. I actually tried playing Final Fantasy XIII three times now. All starting with a new game since I completely forgot how the gameplay works. Still, Lightning’s my favorite FF heroine – mostly bec of her pink hair. lol.

No photos for my PC and my Samsung Note 4 though they’re my go to devices when I want to play old games. 

FINAL FANTASY IX: Chocobo’s Paradise


On my phone, I got to play Final Fantasy IX, III, IV (ongoing), VI through their android version not the emulator. Same with Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories that I actually have a spreadsheet guide on. I’m playing Stardew Valley on PC right now, which is an awesome take of ConcernedApe to the farming simulations, and might play Final Fantasy X and X-2 remaster soon.

Whoooo. Can’t wait to share my game experience next. Though they are mostly my opinion only and not an official review of the games. I hope you’ll enjoy knowing me as much as I enjoy writing this!

Til next grind,

🎮 ish’cLair 🎮