Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth // Favorite Persona, Skills, and Sacrificed Persona Items

I have this game in my n3DS for quite some time now, but it was not included in my top choices. One of the reasons is that I’m not really following Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series. Persona Q includes both characters in 3 and 4. Though they did include some hint on each character’s background, I still have to watch some episodes of the anime and movie to be able to connect to each characters.

Guess what? You have to choose your main character, between Persona 3 and Persona 4, at the start of the game. On this playthrough, I chose the emo guy (Persona 3) over the cool silver-haired one (Persona 4). You will name them and they won’t have any voice over – only at the very end.

To be frank, my first reaction was, wtf, it’s a puzzle game with turn-based battle system. I also thought that it was such a drag that you need to draw your own map. I’m used to typical RPGs that you just have to uncover the areas and the map’s pre-drawn. As the game progresses, those things I thought was senseless turned out to be the most enjoyable part.

**Sorry for the poor quality photos. Screenshot’s not allowed, so I just took this using my phone.***

I had so much fun that I didn’t realize that it actually took me 187 hrs to finish the game. This includes maxing all characters, collecting all sub-personas, buying all of their final weapons and armors, fighting all F.O.E.s, and completing all of Elizabeth’s request.

You don’t really have to max all of them. You just have to pick your best/ favorite five, that you want to use. For some reasons, I’m waiting for a scenario wherein you need to split up but that didn’t happen so if you’re not a fan of grinding, you can just stick to your five.

TIP: Best place to grind is in the final floor of Inaba Pride Exhibit, Guardian Machine. Easy 100k experience.

Now, let’s talk about my favorite sub-personas. For my attack persona, it’s Mahakala. There are personas far more powerful than Mahakala but his Danse Macabre paired with critical eye, power charge, and heat riser can inflict 1000 to 1500 damage per hit. Danse Macabre is a 5-7 medium cut attack against random targets. In addition to that, he has Heroic Gemini – a skill that allows a low chance of attack skills executing twice. But I prefer equipping him to Junpei since he has Golden Gemini that offers a higher chance than Heroic. This would lower the enemy’s HP to at least half, so the rest would just be supports.

Fuuka would be the better choice when it comes to Battle Navigation since she has healing abilities. Sub-persona’s level doesn’t really affect Navigators so it doesn’t matter if you use a low level persona for them, as long as they have the abilities you want. I used Victory Cry (Full HP restore at the end of the battle) skill card on Fuuka so it’s permanent since it’s a bit hard to find a high level persona that would have 6 battle navigation skills, all at the same time.

  • Renewal Aura – Moderate HP restore (party)
  • Purifying Rain – Remove all Binds and Ailments (party)
  • Orb of  Power – Raise physical and elemental attack for 3 turns. (Party)
  • Orb of Resolve – Raise physical and elemental defense for 3 turns. (Party)
  • Heroic Wind – Restore 5% of HP each turn.

TIP: Victory Cry can be extracted from Beelzebub (Astaroth + Baal Zebul).

Labyrinth Navigation skills are anything that helps you with your map and power spot. So, here’s mine:

  • Roads of Light – Slight SP restore for each step taken in a labyrinth
  • Calming Lull – Gather safely from power spots (non-transferrable)
  • Cornucopia – Higher rate of rare materials. Lower chance to gather multiple times.

I didn’t really bother much about the map skills. You can get 100% without them.

TIP: Roads of Light can be extracted from Attis.

This might be the greatest achievement but you can only get 100% after you finish the game. After the final boss, you need to load your finished save game and choose to continue. Elizabeth will give you several quests, which will allow you to fuse zeus.

You won’t find all fusion combination in the web so I suggest for you to study the fusion chart below (credits to Silentsword). You can finally use what you learned in algebra, at last!lol.

For the latter part of the game, sacrificial fusion would be your bestfriend because first, it would be harder to raise your sub-persona’s level with regular grinding, and second, the essence left off of the persona you’re sacrificing. Here are some of the materials you’ll get:


  • Nue Claw – Nue – Shishioh (P3MC)
  • Michael Shard – Michael- Deus Xiphos (P3MC)
  • Orochi Tail – Orochi – Kisanagi no Tsurugi (P4MC, Junpei)
  • Yoshitsune Shard – Yoshitsune – Usumdori (P4MC)
  • Pixie wing – Pixie – Pixie Knife (Koromaru, Yosuke)
  • Vishnu Shard – Vishnu – Nandaka(Yosuke)
  • Masakado Shard – Masakado – Masakado´s Katana (Junpei)
  • Asura Bone – Asura – Vajira (Koromaru)
  • Club Shard – Oni – Oni ni Kanabou (Shinjiro)
  • Fly Shard – Beelzebub – Corpse Rod (Shinjiro)
  • Goddess Obsidian– Alilat – Kokuseki Senjin (Mitsuru)
  • Matador Sword – Matador – Bloody Estoc (MItsuru)
  • King snowball – King Frost – Frost Cannon (Aigis)
  • Seraph Wing – Metatron – Metatronius (Aigis)
  • Susaku Plume – Suzaku – Susaku Feather (Yukiko)
  • Skanda´s Wing – karttikeya – Peacock Tail (Yukiko)
  • Lamp Shard – Jinn – Magical Gun (Naoto)
  • Opposer´s Wing – Satan – Megido Gun (Naoto)
  • Skadi Shard – Skadi – Ichibal (Yukari)
  • Chi Yu Shard – Chi yu – Quintessence Bow (Yukari)
  • Byakko Claw – Byakko – Byakko Reisou (Teddie)
  • Claw Shard – Seth – Claw of Revenge (Teddie)
  • Genbu Shell – Ganbu – Genbu Graves (Chie)
  • Huaguo´s Rock – Seiten Taisen – Reigan Graaves (Chie)
  • Lust of Pheromone – succubus – Pink Shot (Zen)
  • Destroyer´s Rage – Shiva – Pashupata (Zen)
  • Seiryu Scale – Seiryu – Quinlong Yanyue (Ken)
  • Broken Spear – Scathach – Gae Bolg (Ken)
  • Cybele Hair – Cybele – Sabazios (Akihiko)
  • Trickster Karma – Loki – Fimbulvetr (Akihiko)
  • Black Lantern – Jack Frost – Lantern Shield (Kanji)
  • Broken Tablet – Kingu – Destiny Tablet (Kanji)
  • Fearsome Shard– Zeus – Fearsome Armor (Male Characters), Fearsome Gown (Female Characters), Fearsome V-Suit (Aigis), Fearsome Dog-suit (Koromaru), Fearsome Robe (Zen)

If you’ve got anything to add to the list, feel free to comment below so we can help each other out.

Overall, it’s a highly recommended game for those who loves JRPG and puzzles. I’m actually thinking of playing the rest of the series from now on, and am excited for Persona 5! I hope this post helped! Game recommendations are greatly appreciated.

How about you? How do you find Persona Q?


Keep Grinding,



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