Story of Seasons: Beginner’s Game Diary // Spring Year 1

Based on what I’ve been posting lately, you should know by now that I’m a farm-simulation game junkie. I can vaguely remember that Harvest Moon: Back to Nature by Natsume was one of games that made my childhood extra special. 🙆

Story of Seasons, though did not take from Harvest Moon name franchise, isn’t far from it. It all started when you received a pamphlet saying, “Farmers Wanted in Oak Tree Farm”. (No inherited land from Grampa this time. lol) This post will mainly be season goals and achievements, tips here and there, and will be updated every now and then as I progress with the game.




  • 15 Small Lumber ; 15 Small Stone for Home Improvement
  • 5 Milk for Horse
  • 28k and Seed Maker Materials 
  • Upgrade Tools (From Old to Regular)
  • Turnip Salad for Eda ASAP and leave some Potatoes to make Simmered Potato
  • Ship 150k to Silk Country
  • Grilled Fish Recipe
  • Coop and Chicken
  • Second Cow
  • Kitchen
  • Material Bin for the hoarder in you


  • You can use the 4 plot in Eda’s Farm. Make sure to water the turnips you planted and you can replant there!
  • HOARD. EVERYTHING. Weeds will be so much help later on. 
  • Dive a lot. Make it a routine until you shipped 150k to Silk Country to unlock Flax Seeds.
  • You would only need more or less 60 Turnip Salad as a gift to Eda, so sell the rest.
  • Choose between Gold Seeds or Early Money. If you want gold seeds ASAP you need to sell 500 of that kind (ex. 500 Raw Turnip), if you want easier money, cook your harvest since they will cost more than when it’s raw.
  • Cook one by one. I know, it’s tedious and annoying but if you want your cooking rank to increase, you need to abuse your A button. Higher Cooking Rank = Better Quality
  • Save Scum (Save after getting what you want, reload if it’s trash) when diving. You don’t really need the trash yet, you need money! Try to aim for Topaz, Peridot, Sea Urchin, Octopus, Squid and big fishes. You can slip small fishes to cook as grilled fish except for killifish and small cherry trout (for some reasons, you can’t grill them).
  • If you want to win Animal Festival, it would be easier if the animal personality is Active. Make sure to put them out when the weather’s good after they ate.
  • Plant grass instead of buying fodder. 


Some villagers are easy to please, some are well.. pain in the butt but here are the gifts you can give them that you can get through foraging. 

  • Butterfly – Corona, Giorgio, Melanie, Veronica, Fritz, Klaus, Mistel, Iris, Lillie, Angela
  • Insects (Locust) – Gunther, Jonas, Lutz, Maurice
  • Grilled Fish – (buy recipe @ Silk Country after Basic Fried Recipe) Marian, Otmar
  • Turnip Salad – Eda, Raeger
  • Milk – Elise, Margot


I learned about this late, but you can actually feed the animals you see on the road. Initially, you need to toss the food near them since they panic and run away when you get too near but eventually, you can hand feed them. 

  • Rabbit – Fodder
  • Weasel – Egg (Golden Egg) 

*This is not a priority though. For items that are hard to obtain early game, like golden egg, you can just wait until you can spare them in a daily basis.


I’ll include here random events that you can encounter as early as possible… (I triggered some of them late bec I have a strict routine early game to achieve game financial stability. lol)

SPRING 1 – 7

  • Introductory scenes when you enter the stores.
  • Make sure to dive as soon as able. Don’t forget to water the turnips and introduce yourself to the townsfolk.
  • Home Improvement : 15 small stone and 15 small lumber. (Try to get this asap so you’ll get a surprise gift!♡)


  • Fritz’ Birthday – Just grab a butterfly and give it to him. 😂
  • If you dive enough, and sell minerals (topaz etc), you can buy Peach seed! Plant asap so you can harvest them next summer. 


  • White day. Nothing goes for me for this festival since I’m a girl. 
  • If you’re playing as a boy though, you can buy Soy Milk Cookies or Madeline as a gift to bachelorettes.


  • Horse!!! Remember those 5 milks I told you about?
  • By this time, you should have money to buy blueprints for either Seed Maker, Coop or Kitchen. It’s on you on what you wanted first. You don’t really need Seed Maker to win the first harvest festival since I won with potato having 1.5 stars.


  • Old Otmar’s Birthday. If you chose kitchen and bought Grilled Fish recipe, that’s an easy gift. If not, any fish will do. 


  • Moo-moo Festival. I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough~ huhu. Anyways, I tried save scumming but still ended up 2nd place as the highest possible rank for my Hanako with 3.5 hearts. 😭


  • Rent a new field event and meeting Harvest Sprite through the open fields.
  • You can’t give them gifts yet since they’re just visiting. Root Crop Field is yours! Congrats. 15 plot available at your disposal. Hehe.


  • Streetpass! Self-explanatory, just listen/read instructions given. 🙆

    SPRING 24

    • Klaus’ Birthday. He’s tough, in a way that his loved gifts are expensive in early game. So for now,give him a butterfly. I am cheap alright.

    SPRING 26

    • Multiplayer explanation

    SPRING 28

    • Go to Trade Depot, Jonas will explain this to you. Requests, aside from money and rewards, can increase your friendship points with the traders.

      SPRING 30

      • Harvest Festival~ Save scum. You’ll need it if you’re like me who got the Seed Maker late. lol. 
      • Try to go to Otmar’s Store and get the fishing rod.

      SPRING 31

      • Flower Festival~ Young or old, Man or Woman, give them those flowers you saved for an easy 500FP (Friendship Points)


          They would all start at white flower but the events won’t trigger until they have 5000 FP. There’s a chance that you can only trigger one event per day. 


          • 11am – 2pm ; Wednesday ; Sunny ; Oak Tree east to west, path near Otmar’s store.
          • Help on both times. 😂


          • Antique Shop; 11am-2pm; Tue / Wed / Fri; Sunny
          • Left.

          RAEGER (If you give him Turnip Salad everyday)

          • Restaurant; Sunny; 2pm-5pm; except Sun/ Wed
          • Needs lemon

          KLAUS (Not sure how to achieve this in Spring Yr 1 but just in case you’re tenacious)

          • Klaus’ House; 7:20pm-9pm; Sunny; Any day
          • Calming


          Before you know it, Spring’s over. Yey! Will continue this on a different page. You don’t have to do all this in one season, you can progress on the game however you like. There’s no right or wrong in this game. Don’t forget to have fun! Hope this helps! I’m open for 3DS friend invites btw. Just contact me through my social media sites or send me an email. 🙆


          See you next season,