Story of Seasons: Trio of Town // Quick Game Review + Beginner Tips + First Spring Achievements and Farm Status 🐄🐑🐔🌱🌼🌾🌳🐶🐈

I’ve waited for this game since I got my 3DS in 2015. Playing it’s predecessor, Story of Seasons, I’ve got high hopes for this one and it did not disappoint.

The US version of the game was released last 28th of February and I got mine around March 3. Being the researcher that I was, I’m still a bit reluctant to play since there’s still a lot of gray areas in terms of walkthroughs and description, but that also means an opportunity to actually help and interact with my fellow farm sim lovers.

Game starts with you modifying your character a bit (Eye Color, Hair Color, Skin Color, and Facial Features), your name, birthday, and personality type. Now this is what’s new about Trio of Towns. They will give you a starting perk as a gift depending on your gameplay. 

  • Tycoon – you’ll start with 50,000 G. I chose this because money is a big factor in farming sim if you want to start early with your farm. Though I found that exploiting the multiplayer mode by constantly exchanging fodder or weed will give you an edge too. But multiplayer mode won’t be there until Spring 10. This will give you 7 days advantage when it comes to buying animals, fertilizers, and feeds.
  • Charmer – Will start with one heart friendship with everyone. Now this is actually my second choice. It was easy befriending everyone in Westown at first but once the other two towns open, you’ll need to prioritize and choose since you don’t have all the time in the world. One good thing being friends with people here is that, you can eat with them. Food’s a big deal here because of their power ups.
  • Animal Lover – Animals bred or bought will start with one heart. As much as you love animals or is in real life, this is a wasted perk imo. You can get 1 heart with your animals quite easily around 2 – 4 days depending if you give them soft treat and graze them outside. Give your animals some good ‘ol lovin’ and you’re all set.
  • Fisher – The fish you catch will have a higher star rank. Not really a fan of fishing so this isn’t my choice. You can easily catch fish in multiplayer mode too (but your fishing skills and collections will not level up).
  • Sports Enthusiast – You’ll start with 6 hearts instead of 5. This might be a choice for those playing in veteran mode as they burn more stamina than those in seedling but there’s a fix max heart of 10 regardless if you chose this perk.

You will also choose game difficulty: Seedling (less needed stamina for tools and 30% off in shops) or Veteran. There’s no shame in playing in seedling mode if you want to progress fast and just chill.

I just finished my first season, which is spring, and here’s my farm status:

As you can see, I haven’t earn much since I just started. Right now, I’ve got a Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Alpaca, Suffolk Sheep, and Angora Rabbit.

Sheep and Alpaca will be available once you unlock town link D while Suffolk Sheep and Angora Rabbit are available once you unlock town link C with Westown.

I also have 2 pets: one dog and one cat. Pets also have personalities but they’re self explanatory. I got my dog to help with herding and my cat finding ore (which I haven’t found any yet. I think you have to walk them and go to places where there will be question marks). You also can’t just throw the bone and bell on their face. You have to take them for a walk and make sure you’re facing them and their name shows up with the A button before you throw the toys or else, you’re wasting valuable time.

Well, this is part of the story but still, it’s still an achievement to upgrade your house early once Ludus is available. Requirements: 30 Small Lumber (20 in seedling) and 10 Lumber + 5000 G. This will get you a kitchen and closet.

It’s also possible to win on your first harvest festival. I won with potato that has 1 1/2 stars with 83% color. Beginner class doesn’t have a theme yet so it’s easier to win. (This was my first try. No save scumming done. lol) They also said that your friendship with the town affects festivals. So the more friendly you are, the easier it is to win.

This is a girly letter from dad. At last, a recognition from your best critic. Lol.

From egg > chick > rooster, now a Provisional Farmer in  one season.

And I hereby declare myself a part-time job junkie. I’m getting twice the amount of what the job pay promised and some extra items from the person who hires me. I’m not certain if it’s because of the rank or how many hearts they have but I suggest you do as much job as you can. Be wary though, it takes up 30 min of your time for jobs that requires you to help them so if you need to buy something before the shop closes, make sure to manage your time. Part-time job’s until 22:00 as long as it’s not a festival.

If you’re still thinking if you’ll buy this game or not, here are some of my thoughts about the game:

  • Beginner Friendly. It doesn’t matter really if you played its predecessor. It has comprehensive tutorials on how to play the game and it’s not overwhelmingly complex. Items, animals, and upgrades will only be unlocked as the game progresses. 
  • Lesser time needed in harvesting. If you played Story of Seasons, you know the struggle of getting all the milk and wool being thrown around after milking or shearing your animals. Here, it’s automatically placed in your bag. Same as with the crops you harvest.
  • Sorting made easy. You wont have to be scared on sorting anymore as there’s a select and merge option or merge per category when you just want to sort a specific kind of item.
  • Cultural Diversity. It’s fun jumping from one place to another, enjoying different events, and collecting items.
  • Insect Collection. You can’t sell them. It’s illegal. lol. But you still collect them by pressing A when you see them and Dessie will give you a reward once you collected a certain amount.
  • Interacting with townspeople made easy. The L button plays a crucial part in making friends. You don’t have to listen to the same things they say everyday. You just have to press L and that’s considered talking to them for the day.
  • Additional Characteristics for plants and animals. They added color, juicyness, size, and sweetness for crops that determine their star level while there’s affection, byproduct amount, byproduct level, and coat for animals.
  • Part-time Jobs. This is one of my favorite addition to the game. You will be asked to ship or deliver items and do some errands for money.

Early Game Tips:

  • Choose tycoon. loljk. Choose whatever personality you want. There’s no right or wrong here.
  • How to win your first harvest festival? Buy a seed and fertilize it with sparkling fertilizer everyday without watering it until the last week of Spring. The festival will take place on the 30th. So stretch the crop as much as you can fertilize it when it’s still a seed. If it grows into a plant, there’s a chance that it will wither so don’t water it yet. If it rains, make sure to take it into account when counting days.
  • Multiplayer. If you need money sooo bad, and you don’t have a hammer yet, play in multiplayer and exchange the goods you get from the other player to the altar and sell those ores, wine and food. Don’t worry about hoarding them. You need money first. You can just bring fodder or weeds. Trust me, that’s what the other players do as well.
  • Buy animals as soon as you can. The first cow and chicken’s easy. What’s hard is the next Barn. Make sure to save up money to buy the materials needed. Yes, you read that right. It’s actually easier to buy the materials than make it because your starting tools are heck heavy and they burn so much stamina. And the fact that trees and stones doesn’t really grow that much. Money problems? Really? I just told you how to get money right?? lol
  •  Don’t hesitate to eat. As I said previously, you need a barn, the big barn needs 3×3 space so you need to prep your farm for it. At the start of your day, use as much stamina you can before fainting then go to the restaurant. Save before eating, then choose Chef’s Special. Load your saved game if you didn’t like the effect. Try to get the one that has the muscle icon and shoe icon so it lessens the stamina needed for tools and speeds up your pace respectively. Then chop and smash away all those farm debris.
  • Save on crucial points. Once you can mine, make sure to save first specially if you’re looking for specific ore for upgrade. Reload if it gives you stone and scraps. You know the drill.
  • Part-time Teleport. Errands will automatically transfer you to the place you need to work. So if you want to go the the other town or need to deliver a package, this is an easier way to skip town.
  • Establish a routine. Time management plays a big role in this game. You can opt to graze your animals before 7AM so they will feed themselves or water your crops as early as you wake up so you can double water them before 12AM, it’s your choice. Make sure to squeeze in gift giving and part-time jobs in your schedule. This game will be a breeze.
  • Hoard items. Once you establish a certain amount of money (mine’s 50k). It’s never a sin to hoard in this game as long as your storage can handle it. To be safe? 20 of each.

Whew~ That’s a long post. I wish this helps you a bit. If you have questions, feel free to comment below. I’ll also make a separate post for my game diary – which gives you a comprehensive day to day routine and events. I figure some of you won’t appreciate spoilers.

These are just my experience in the game, you don’t have to do them yourself if you think it’s too much. It’s important that you enjoy this game as much as I am enjoying it. It’s a laid back farming simulation game after all. 🙂


Your Farming Buddy,

IGN: Ish’
3DS Friend Code: 3497-4136-4781


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