Story of Seasons: Wild Safari Tour

On Summer 10 Year 3, Veronica will propose a new event wherein you would actually gain money from and benefit from befriending your lovely wild animals.

But unlocking this event has criteria:

  • Construct Large Trees – 500 customer points with Silk Country, 100k G, 600 Lumber, 100 Stone
  • Boulders – 100 customer points with Wheat Country, 100k G,  300 Lumber, 500 Stone
  • Wild Boar – 500 customer points with Sakura Country

Like most of the festivals, you need to talk to Veronica between 10:00 – 13:00 in the guild house.

The first area that you’re going to visit is the Pasture Area where your animals hang out if you decided to take them to the safari. It’s also where you will see wild boars that loves sweet potatoes.

Next will be the Mysterious Mountain Area. It’s home to Brown and Gray Bears that has X in their forehead. I think your friendship with the wild animals affect what Agate will say. I’m already good friends with the bears so they’re not scary anymore. lol. Honey would be their favorite gift – I almost ran out.

Next would be the lake area. Too bad it wasn’t featured since I have turtles, ducks, and mallard ducks swimming around. You might want to check out fishes here since it offers different kinds compared to fishes found in the fields. This area also has mine where you can get ores and crystals every day. The star of the area is stern-faced Mr. Shoebill Stork. Hint? They love fishes.

Monkeys live in the enormous tree and they love tree fruits.

Last area is the Glaciers. I don’t know how they retain the temperature here exactly. As you can see, I just got Mr. Polar Bear so he’s not that nice yet. Too bad I got Mr. Penguin a day late so he’s not in the picture.

Here’s what I got. 8540G’s not bad! Though if you are still in need of money, Gold Cotton Cloth’s the way to go.

I hope you enjoyed my mini safari tour! It’s really fun collecting all of those animals. I still have a few more to add since I still yet to unlock Tropical Country. I will update this collection once I got all of them.

If you got questions, feel free to comment below.~


Wild Animal Rescuer,

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